Inside the Volkswagen MEB ID.3 battery pack details

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vw meb id3 battery pack

VW Battery

VW ID.3 and ID.4 offers a three battery size choice, however this choice is not in the hand in the hand of customer as it is directly fitted inside the car, so technically what you choose is not the model of the car but its battery size.

Lithium ion is used in VW ID.3 battery pack and ID.4 series of VW MEB platform is the in-house development by the VW. Production of the battery pack is done at the brunswick component division.

Fast charging capability of MEB battery pack is that 100kW can be charged within 30 minutes for range of 290 km (WLTP)

The configuration of the MEB id.3 Battery Pack 

One battery module consist of 24 cell, to create a battery pack these modules are put together, the number of the modules put together depends on the size of the battery needed.

In the VW ID.3 12 battery modules are put together in series via battery connector to form a battery pack system, and to get a 408V DC. The complete battery modules are laid over the chasis or MEB platform in a horizontal manner below the foot of the passengers similar to tesla model.

In a normal Alternating current system the battery is charged with 11kW of power and in a direct current system charging power becomes 125kW.

Specification of VW ID.3 battery

Id.3 and Id.4 MEB chasis contains lithium ion battery pack, off course below the floor, each cell voltage makes up to 3.6V with a capacity of 78Ah, energy density of 265Wh/kg, chemistry NCM712, manufacturer- LG chemicals.

there are three types of battery packs that VW is expected to use in VW ID.3 and most probably the same could be seen in skoda ENYAQ ID.4 and Audi Q4, size and specification of the battery are as follows.

55kWh capacity / 350V / 8 modules / 192 cells / total weight 206 kg

62kWh capacity / 350V / 9 modules / 216 cells / total weight 232 kg

82kWh capacity / 408V / 12 modules / 288 cells / total cell weight 309 kg

Use kWh to Ah calculator to know the value of Ah of battery pack.

to prevent relying on a single supplier for lithium ion pack VW have come up with an option of flexible MEB battery module addition which means that any supplier batteries module can be fitted in conjunction with LG batteries.

if in case you are using any of the Volkswagen car either electric or diesel based than you must visit this article on Replacement of VW battery in fob key.

Source – Volkswagen

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VW battery FAQs

What is the Volkswagen Battery Company Name ?

VW uses 400V DC lithium ion battery which is manufactured by CATL Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd.

What does MEB stand for ?

MEB stands for Modularer E-Antriebs-Baukasten or modular electric drive matrix

Who is the Manufacturer of VW ID4 Battery Pack ?

Sandy Munro (Munro & Associates) will be the batter manufacturer for ID4 series and has also partnered with SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) to make a battery pack that’s constructed of thermoplastics.

What is the Price of VW Battery ?

Depending on the power size, capacity and voltage the price of the battery can go from $46 to $280 .

What is the life of the VW battery ?

If provided proper care and maintenance battery can last for minimum 3 years. battery life depends on many factors such as operating cycle, operating temperature, number of charge and discharge cycle, charging and discharging rate (C level). VW give warranty to its customer for 2 years.

Which Battery is used in Volkswagen ID series ?

Lithium ion battery pack is used in VW ID series battery pack with a capacity ranging from 55kWh to 82kWh.

What is the voltage level of the VW ID Series ?

VW ID series voltage ranges from 350V to 410V DC depending on the car performance, and low voltage battery is as common as 12V battery.

What is the weight of VW ID.3 battery ?

VW ID series battery weight ranges from 206 kg to 310 kg depending on the battery size.

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