vw fob key battery replacement

Understanding VW key fob Battery replacement – volkswagen keyless entry battery in 2023

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FOB stands for free on board which means not attached to the car. This is a small device that provides access to the car remotely usually this is a key with small buttons, that locks and unlock the car’s door. this simply refers to the key less entry system, it includes short range radio transmitter which sends a distinct coded signal to a receiver unit in the car when a button on the fob is pushed. That in result unlocks or locks the doors.

vw meb id3 battery pack

Inside the Volkswagen MEB ID.3 battery pack details

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Id.3 and Id.4 MEB chasis contains lithium ion battery pack, off course below the floor, each cell voltage makes up to 3.6V with a capacity of 78Ah, energy density of 265Wh/kg