Watts to kWh to Watts conversion calculator

Here is a simple online Watts to kWh calculator that converts power to energy. Once the Energy is known this can be converted to Units and once the Unit is known, we can calculate the monthly electricity bill.

So a question arises that how many watts in a kilowatt the answer is simple, there is 1000 Watts in a 1 kilowatt. Alternatively in 1Watts there are 0.001 kW.

What is watts and kWh difference?

Watt is a unit of power consumed by any electrical appliances. it is usually calculated by the product of the voltage and current that is Power (W) = Voltage (V)*Current (I)or alternatively it is also the product of the square of the current and equivalent resistance (R) across the terminals that is Power (W) = Current (I)*Current (I)*Resistance (R).

The difference between watts (W) and kilowatt (kw) is that the SI unit of power is watt or W and sometimes the value exceeds 1000W so it is written in terms of kilowatt that is kW, same power considered for 1 hour will be equal to kWh which is the energy consumed by an electrical appliances.

kilowatt hour is the unit of energy consumed by any electrical appliances. energy of any device means the power consumed in a given time, this gives the idea how fast or how slow the power is consumed by the electrical appliances. this unit is so important in measuring the electricity consumption particularly. lets understand with the help of example.

Assuming a coffeemaker drawing a power of 1000 W and a bulb of 100 W so whats the difference lets say bulb operates for 1000 hours and coffeemaker for 10 hours, by seeing the wattage we will say that coffeemaker is the heavy element here but over the period of time, bulb draws energy of 100*1000 = 100 kWh and coffeemaker draws energy of 1000*10 = 10 kWh.

now seeing both in a time span of 1 hour than bulb consumes 100kW whereas coffeemaker consumes 10kW, therefore generator has to produce 110kW for 1 hour in order to serve both appliances. and thus this is the reason why the best measure of electricity consumption is kWh and not the watt.

Relation between Watts and kWh.

kWh = Watts*(power consumption time in hour)/1000

E(kwh) = P(w)*t(hr)/1000

Watts to kWh Calculator.



time in hrs*


kWh to Watts Calculator

Watts = kWh*1000/time(hr) , to find the W to kWh, just divide kWh from time in hours this is how the calculator works



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Energy Consumption in kwh per month

100 watts X 24 hours = 2400 watt-hours per day = 2.4 kWh per day

per month = 30*2.4 = 72 kWh / month

Wattage of Electrical Appliances

below is the list of electrical appliances which can be used as an example to calculate your monthly electricity bill, by calculating the total number of units consumed, where one unit is equal to 1kWh.

Electrical appliancesPower levels in W
Coffeemaker900-1200 watts
Microwave750-1100 watts
Toaster800-1400 watts
Dishwasher1200-2400 watts
Washer350-500 watts
Dryer1800-5000 watts
Iron100-1800 watts
Ceiling Fan65-175 watts
Space Heater4500-5500 watts
Hair Dryer1200-1875 watts
Laptop50 watts
Computer Monitor150 watts
Computer Tower120 watts
Television65-133 watts
Television 53″-61″170 watts

Examples for Watts to kWh conversion table

Watts Time in hrs.kWh

1. 1 kWh is equal to how many watts ?

1 kWh is equal to 1000 watts considering 1 hour of time, and 1 kWh is also equals to 500watts considering 2 hours, and similarly 1 kWh could also be equal to 200 watts considering 5 hours of time, so the time is required to find the watts.

2. how to convert watts to kwh ?

to convert watts to kwh, first multiply 1000 and than multiply time in hours to watts.

3. how to convert kwh to watts ?

To convert kwh to watts First multiple kwh to 1000 and divide it with time in hours.

4. How many watts are there in a kWh ?

In 1kwh there are 1000 watts and 1 hour

5. How much does it cost to run a 1500 watt heater for 24 hours?

depends on the cost of the electricity for eg. if it is $2/kwh than for 1500 watt it will be 1.5*24

*2 = 36*2 = $72 cost to run a 1500 Watt heater for 24 hour.

6. How many watts do I need to power my house?

In order to calculate the total watts required for the house, the first step would be figure out the total load in the house and find their Rated watts mentioned the name plate reading and add all the watts or power which will be the required watts in a house

7. How many kilowatts does it take to run a house?

find the sum of all connected electrical loads in watts and divide the same by 1000 to get value in kWh

8. Is 1.5 kW the same as 1500 watts?

Yes, divide 1500 watts by 1000 to get value in kWh, therefore you will get the 1.5kW

9. How many watts does a fridge use?

depending on the Ton capacity of the Fridge power consumption in watts varies. power of the fridge varies from 100W to 250W, the information is easily available in the name plate reading on the back side of fridge near the compressor.

10. How much does 700 watts cost?

it is important to know for how much time the 700 watts is operated for eg. lets say 2 hours than energy consumed is 700*2 = 1400Watt hour or 1.4kWh than multiply this with cost per unit for eg. lets say cost/kwh is $1.5 than cost for 700 watts will be 1.4*1.5 = $2.1

11. How many watts does a kettle use?

the electric kettle power levels varies from 1000W to 3000W, depends on how big is the kettle