Uber Freight and Greenlane to deploy public electric truck charging stations – Charged EVs


Freight management and logistics company Uber Freight and commercial truck charging network Greenlane are collaborating on the development and installation of public charging infrastructure for heavy-duty battery-electric vehicles.

The aim is to augment Greenlane’s data analysis with Uber Freight’s network data to determine corridors that are prime candidates for electric truck deployment, as well as charging infrastructure needs and the suitability of shipping lanes for electrification.

Greenlane plans to build its first charging corridors in Southern California, followed by the Texas Triangle and the northeastern US. Uber Freight has released a report outlining data-driven insights that Greenlane will consider as it determines where and when to install its charging and hydrogen fueling stations.

“Our national network of EV charging and hydrogen fueling stations, together with our Uber Freight collaboration, will make the electrification transition easier for shippers,” said Greenlane CEO Patrick Macdonald-King.

Source: Uber Freight

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