Tesla Cybertruck becomes one of most American-made pickup truck



Tesla continued its trend of making some of the most American-made vehicles, with the Cybertruck becoming one of the most American-made pickup trucks.

One of the lesser-known things that differentiate Tesla from most other automakers is its deep vertical integration.

During the last century, automakers started to rely heavily on suppliers and focus on engine manufacturing, bodies, and final assembly.

Tesla also relies on suppliers, with thousands of parts inside a vehicle, it’s inevitable, but the automaker has been known to integrate more parts into its own manufacturing effort and focus on localizing overall production.

It has resulted in Tesla having some of the most American-made vehicles.

In fact, Tesla had the top 4 most American-made cars and it was the only American automaker in the top 10 last year.

It’s not surprising to see the Cybertruck continue this trend now.

The new list of most American-made vehicles hasn’t been released yet, but we get new information from the Cybertruck’s Monroney sticker:

The sticker needs to come with vehicles sold in the US and it contains important information, like EPA rating, and the source of some parts in the vehicle.

For the Cybertruck, it says the following:

  • US/Canadian parts content: 65%
  • Major sources of foreign parts content Mexico: 25%

The sticker also lists sourcing of specific Cybertruck parts:

  • Final assembly point: Austin, TX
    • Motor assembly: USA
    • Gearbox/Transmission: USA

The sticker also confirms that both battery assembly and on-board charger assembly are done in Austin, Texas.

This should be more than enough to make the Cybertruck one of the most American-made pickup truck in the world.

Some publications are already announcing it as the most American-made, but it’s a bit premature just based on the window sticker.

The Honda Ridgeline made in Alabama shows a window sticker with 10% more parts coming from “US/Canada” than the Cybertruck. It is might be the most “North American-made” or the most “American made from an American automaker”, but we would need more data to confirm it officially.

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