Tesla launches new $2,500 Lunar Grey on Model S and Model X


Tesla has launched a rare new paint color, Lunar Grey, as a $2,500 option on new Model S and Model X vehicles.

Tesla is known for having somewhat limited color options, especially for a premium automaker.

It wasn’t always the case, but the automaker decided that it needed to streamline its options to facilitate production planning and order matching.

The strategy has been successful, but many felt that the automaker could now afford more options, especially at the higher end of its lineup with Model S and Model X, and it looks like the automaker is listening.

Today, Tesla has launched a new rare paint color for Model S and Model X: Lunar Grey:

Tesla Model S Lunar Grey

Tesla describes the new color in communications to customers:

Lighter, brighter highlights—deeper, darker shadows. Lunar Silver is a clean silver color with a pronounced metallic effect and subtle blue tint. By utilizing new pigments, this paint achieves a technical and dynamic feel that accentuates the form of Model S and Model X from any angle under the sun.

The new option costs $2,500 on new Model S and Model X vehicles.

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