Tesla adds two new Model Y colors – Stealth Grey and Ultra Red


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Tesla has updated its US Model Y configurator, adding the Ultra Red and Stealth Grey colors to the Model Y, which had previously only been available on the Model S and X.

Tesla doesn’t change its color palette all that often, but last year it added two new colors to the Model S and X in the US: Ultra Red in March and Stealth Grey in October. These two colors followed the introduction of two Europe-only colors, Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red. Those two were available on the Model Y in Europe, but never made their way to the US.

So, US Model Y shoppers were teased with the prospect of new colors for more than the last year… and now they’re finally getting not one, but two new colors – though both are pretty similar to colors that already existed.

The new colors are the same as those on the S and X, and replace two previous Model Y colors: Midnight Silver Metallic and Multi-Coat Red.

Stealth Grey is available as the “included” color, a $0-cost option, replacing Midnight Silver Metallic in that tier. And the new Ultra Red is a $2,000 option.

While we haven’t seen the cars with these colors in person yet (though we have seen it on the Model S and X), here’s some comparisons between the colors from Tesla’s website:

Both colors look quite similar to the old ones, just a little bit darker or richer. But Tesla’s website tends to show somewhat unrealistic ideas of what the cars look like, seeming to boost up the saturation.

But since we’ve seen other cars in these colors, we can look at side-by-sides from the real world for a bit of a comparison. Here’s a photo of a Model X in Ultra Red versus a Model 3 in Multi-Coat red:

And here’s a comparison of a Midnight Silver Model Y and a Stealth Grey Model X (though these photos have much less flat exposure/lighting, so don’t offer all that great of a comparison):

These are actually the first new colors for the Model Y in the US ever since it was introduced. But that said, they aren’t a huge departure from Tesla’s previous palette – it’s still a grey and a red, replacing a grey and a red. Just… somewhat different versions of them.

What do you think of the new colors? Let us know in the comments.

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