H&T Recharge to supply EV battery cylindrical cans to Panasonic Energy – Charged EVs


There’s more to a lithium-ion battery cell than a handful of lithium in a little metal can. Actually, the enclosure is called a can, but it’s a highly engineered piece of hardware, designed to reduce the incidence of issues such as cell rupture and ignition.

Battery supplier Panasonic Energy has signed a long-term agreement with H&T Recharge, a German battery component manufacturer, for the supply of battery cans in North America.

Panasonic and H&T have collaborated since 2017—H&T has supplied approximately 40 GWh of battery can capacity annually to Panasonic Energy’s Nevada facility. The new agreement will extend H&T’s supply to Panasonic Energy’s Kansas facility, which is scheduled to begin operations by March 2025.

H&T plans to further enhance productivity and quality by implementing new state-of-the-art production lines that will allow it to supply battery cans with an anticipated annual capacity of approximately 30 GWh to the Kansas facility.

H&T boasts several decades of high-volume serial can manufacturing experience. All key processes on the company’s production line concepts in North America are fully automated, in order to ensure stable and efficient mass production and consistent quality.

Source: Panasonic

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