ETO Motors launches electric 3-wheelers in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh | Autocar Professional


ETO Motors, an electric mobility as a ervice (eMaaS) provider, has secured a contract from the Government of Uttar Pradesh to deploy and manage a fleet of five hundred electric 3-wheelers (e3Ws) in the state. The strategic award encompasses cities suczh as Lucknow, Ayodhya, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Agra, Mathura, and Gorakhpur.

The Letter of Award (LoA) allows ETO Motors to commence deployment, with a particular focus on Ayodhya, coinciding with the historic inauguration of the Temple. This initiative showcases the integration of electric mobility into cultural and religious events, with the e3Ws facilitating transportation for devotees visiting the sacred site.

The launch in Ayodhya symbolizes a harmonious blend of technological progress and cultural reverence. By introducing eco-friendly e3Ws, ETO Motors aims to honor Ayodhya’s historical significance while contributing to a sustainable and cleaner future. The deployment is not merely an infrastructural development but a step toward preserving the city’s sanctity by reducing pollution and maintaining its pristine environment.

Dr. Karthik S. Ponnapula, Director, ETO Motors, expressed the transformative impact of this initiative, stating, “Our e3Ws are not just vehicles but carriers of change, driving economic growth and social empowerment while upholding our commitment to environmental stewardship.”

In collaboration with Uber, ETO Motors is poised to create sustainable and efficient electric mobility solutions for urban transportation. This partnership leverages ETO Motors’ electric vehicle technology expertise and Uber’s extensive network and innovative ride-sharing platform.

Shiva Shailendran, Director, Supply Operations, Uber India and South Asia, commented, “This partnership is in line with our commitment to offering sustainable, shared mobility options to our riders across the country.”

The deployment of e3Ws aligns with India’s vision of achieving zero-emission transportation by 2030. These electric vehicles play a pivotal role in reducing the carbon footprint, combating air pollution, and supporting the local economy by creating job opportunities.

Trinity Cleantech, a subsidiary of ETO Motors, is concurrently establishing a robust network of 50-70 EV charging stations across targeted cities, highlighting the commitment to comprehensive electric mobility solutions. In collaboration with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), Trinity Cleantech aims to deploy fast-charging infrastructure for 3-Wheel Electric Vehicles at BPCL outlets, enhancing charging accessibility not only in Ayodhya but throughout Uttar Pradesh.
The Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), under its Mission 50K-EV4ECO, has extended financial support for the deployment of e3Ws and the necessary EV charging infrastructure. Shri Sivasubramanian Ramann, CMD, SIDBI, emphasised the need for decarbonising the transport sector and applauded ETO Motors for its commitment to promoting electric mobility adoption.

ETO Motors goes beyond conventional business boundaries by intertwining its operations with a Women Empowerment program, fostering an inclusive work environment that promotes gender equality and social upliftment. The company’s initiative in Ayodhya is expected to empower women by providing livelihood opportunities and is a proud moment for SIDBI to support ETO Motors in promoting women’s empowerment and increasing livelihood opportunities. 

As ETO Motors continues to expand its fleet and partnerships with key players like UBER, Kevadia, Delhi Metro, L&T Metro Hyderabad, Nagpur Metro, and large e-commerce companies, the company cements its position as a catalyst for change in the eMaaS landscape, contributing to the 3 Es – Environment, Employment, and Empowerment.

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