Castrol unveils new strategy in 125th year | Autocar Professional


Castrol, a leading lubricant manufacturer for the auto industry, has launched a new strategy ‘Onward, Upward, Forward’, focused on circularity, diversification and efficiency, as it turns 125. 

Castrol is investing further in its global technology hubs in China, Germany, and the Americas, as well as a planned $60 million investment in a new EV battery testing
centre and analytical laboratory in the UK.

Under the ‘Onward’ pillar of its strategy, Castrol has already launched a range of advanced Castrol ON EV Fluids, including EV Transmission Fluids, EV Thermal Fluids and EV Greases.

Castrol will also focus on launching more circular products and offers by re-using base oils, which are used as the main constituent ingredient in lubricants.

With the ‘Upward’ pillar of its strategy, Castrol will support its industrial customers to create more efficiencies, boost productivity, deliver circularity and drive value.

While the ‘Onward’ and ‘Upward’ pillars of the Castrol strategy focus on strengthening and growing existing areas of the company’s business, its ‘Forward’ initiatives chart out new areas where Castrol has the knowledge, capability and expertise to win. Castrol has identified thermal management and diversification into data centre cooling solutions as new growth opportunities.

Michelle Jou, CEO of Castrol said, “As we celebrate 125 years, Castrol is not just
reflecting on the past but charting a course for the future. We’re developing more circular offers to help customers achieve their sustainability goals and
exploring exciting new growth opportunities beyond lubricants.” 

Sandeep Sangwan, Managing Director of Castrol India Limited, reflects on Castrol’s journey, stating: “This significant milestone underscores our commitment to innovation. The ‘Onward, Upward, Forward’ strategy reflects our dedication to advancing mobility, enhancing industrial efficiency, and exploring new frontiers.” 


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