Canoo’s (GOEV) rugged American Bulldog electric pickup spotted out testing


EV startup Canoo (GOEV) is making progress. Most recently, Canoo’s rugged American Bulldog electric pickup was spotted testing near its OKC manufacturing facility.

After delivering the first EV built at its new Oklahoma City plant late last year, Canoo revealed its latest model. Canoo introduced the American Bulldog electric pickup in November, claiming it’s “woven into the American spirit” with iron and grit.

Canoo’s electric pickup is a derivative of the Screaming Eagle, which was delivered to the US Army in 2022 for testing.

“Like the American Bulldog, this vehicle is loyal and courageous. It’s woven into the American spirit and reflects this country’s innovation,” Canoo’s CEO Tony Aquila said. “When we say ‘Made in America,’ we mean it.”

According to Canoo, the electric truck “performs like a battleship” with its rugged design. In a video introducing the new EV (you can watch it below), Canoo compared the American Bulldog’s “strength” and “determination” to American workers, similar to a classic Ford F-150 or Chevy Silverado ad.

Canoo’s American Bulldog electric pickup spotted testing

The electric pickup was recently spotted testing in OKC. The photo, posted by @CanooClub on X (Twitter), shows a yellow American Bulldog, very similar to what was shown in November.

Canoo American Bulldog EV pickup spotted (source: CanooClub)

Canoo is progressing with deliveries of its commercial electric van kicking off last month. Although the company previously delivered vehicles to the US Army, NASA, and the State of Oklahoma, those models were for testing.

The deliveries were part of a binding 9,300 order from Kingbee in November. Canoo has also scored deals from Walmart, Zeeba, and others.

Canoo American Bulldog electric pickup (source: Canoo)

Last month, Canoo revealed that USPS will purchase six LDV 190 delivery vans. The move is part of USPS’s $40 billion investment plan to upgrade the network.

Canoo said the US Postal Service will take delivery in Q1. Aquila explained, “The multi-purpose platform with steer-by-wire technology and a unique low-profile suspension system allows for a readily configurable right-hand drive system while maintaining desired roll and ride stability.”

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