Aptera’s latest update teases its solar EV app, battery tech, and delivery timelines [Video]


Aptera’s latest update teases its solar EV app, battery tech, and delivery timelines [Video]

Solar EV startup Aptera Motors continued its welcomed level of public transparency today, posting another progress update video for February, offering some juicy details. Aptera co-founder Steve Fambro walks you through the first glimpse at the upcoming Aptera app, which promises several cool features; plus, we get a look at some Solar EV battery packs and some hints at how safe the production vehicle will be. You can learn more in the full video below.

There is a multitude of reasons why Aptera Motors is different from the other OEMs out there. The most obvious is that the California-based startup is really the only company left trying to bring Solar EVs to full-scale production, and it is closer than ever, following a successful $34 million crowdfunding program.

Additionally, Aptera constantly keeps its growing fanbase as well as EV enthusiasts in the know of its progress in developing its solar EVs, posting monthly updates to YouTube. There is also plenty of news coming out of Aptera HQ in between those monthly videos. For example, Aptera offered the public a look at its production-intent build process in mid-February.

Today, Aptera posted its monthly update, and it’s one of the more exciting ones. There’s lots to unfold here, so let’s dig in.

Aptera update
Our first look at the upcoming Aptera App / Source: Aptera Motors/YouTube

Aptera update includes app, batteries, safety, and BinC

First, we recommend watching the entire six-minute update video from Aptera below, but here are some key details. First, co-founder and co-CEO Steve Fambro shared the first look at the upcoming Aptera App (seen above).

If and when production builds of the Solar EV hit the market, owners will be able to control and monitor several functions from anywhere, including HVAC and charging, and can even see how much solar power their car is gathering in real time.

Next, Fambro discussed an update on the battery packs that will go in the solar EVs, developed and manufactured by CTNS in South Korea, as part of a supply agreement signed in December 2023. Fambro said CTNS is moving quickly and will provide Aptera with “some of the most energy-dense and safe battery packs in the EV industry.” The first run of full production-intent battery packs will be built soon, and Aptera is promising another update in the coming months.

Next, Steve Fambro shared that Aptera will unveil its Body-in-Carbon (BinC) design to the public at JEC World 2024 in Paris next week. Per the video, Aptera’s co-founder thought February would be an excellent time to show off the company’s years of hard work, teasing a crash simulation of the solar EV.

The test footage, which can be seen below at around (2:37), shows the large crumple zone in the front absorbing all of the crash impact, while a hit to the solar EV’s side protects passengers with reinforced doors and a structural battery pack. These remain simulations until Aptera can compare the data to real-life crash tests with the production-intent builds.

Additionally, Fambro offered some excellent insight into what transparency means to Aptera and why it continues to post monthly updates:

Transparency is a cornerstone of our values, and we consistently strive to adopt a transparency-first approach. Sharing our story and allowing all of you to join us on our path is what has allowed us to get to where we are today. Being a startup, we’re tasked with staying nimble, and constantly adjusting to rapidly working conditions. We must also do this while being as accurate and as forthcoming as possible. It’s a tight line to walk.

Fambro then digs into the question on every Aptera reservation holder’s mind, sharing an update on delivery timelines. Aptera is currently developing production-intent builds that will be used for validation and crash testing to ensure safety.

However, Fambro reiterated previous statements that reaching production of its Launch Edition Solar EVs will require additional capital. Fambro went on:

We intend to share delivery timelines as soon as we can.

Lastly, Fambro shared that some vehicle design changes will be happening, and they take those changes “very seriously,” saying those decisions are only made if they require less capital, including R&D and tooling costs. Aptera promised to share more information once partner supply agreements are officially signed.

That’s all for now. If you’re interested in joining the solar pack, you can reserve your own Aptera EV today for $70. As promised, you can watch the full Aptera February update below:

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