Top 10 Electric Motor Manufacturing Companies in India

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top 10 electric motor and supplier in india

Here we provide the list of Top 10 Electric Motor Manufacturing Companies in India. The Idea is to give an overview of the Best electric Motor brands in India that user can think of buying it and these brands are more trusted, reliable, and cost effective. Below we have provided the list best Suppliers of electric motors in India which are trusted for long years.

Best Electric Motor Manufacturing Companies in India

SrCompany/Brand NameLink to the Website
1. ABB India Private
2.GE Industrial MotorsGE IM
5.Bharat Bijlee
6.Crompton Greaves
9.Toshiba MitsubishiTM

What is Electric Motor

An electrical motor is a machine that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy, enabling it to perform work. Its inner rotor rotates, resulting in the generation of mechanical energy within the motor. To ensure the highest quality, it is recommended that you purchase electrical motors from top-notch sellers in India.

They offer convenient maintenance, increased efficiency, better performance, and durability. Electric motors find extensive use in various devices like fans, automobiles, computers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, microwaves, and other household appliances.

One of its main advantages is its cost-effectiveness, with a low initial expense. Electrical motor manufacturers in India focus on satisfying their customers’ requirements, resulting in highly automated electrical motors.

Types of Electric Motors

There are various types of electric motors, each serving different purposes. Let’s explore some of them:

Alternating Current Motors (AC Motors): These motors operate on alternating current and are of two types: synchronous and asynchronous motors. Synchronous motors are suitable for applications that require a fixed speed to maintain power factor, such as paper printing machines and power plants. Asynchronous motors, also known as induction motors, are the most commonly used motors in the world and find applications in cranes, fans, water pumps, and lifts. You can find the best AC motor manufacturers online and purchase from them.

Direct Current Motors (DC Motors): DC motors operate on direct current and convert electrical signals into mechanical energy to produce work. They have lower power demand and operate efficiently. DC motors find application in fans, blowers, excavators, elevators, and more. You can find plenty of DC motor sellers in India online, but ensure to consider reliability to obtain the best quality.

Special Motors: Special motors serve unique applications or purposes and are not used commonly. They come in five types: universal motors, stepper motors, servo motors, linear motors, and brushless DC motors. They find application in automatic metro doors, packaging, conveyor belts, gaming, mixers, and more. Special motors are lightweight and require less maintenance than other motors.


While selecting an electric motor for your operation always consider trusted and well known supplier or manufacturer it may cost little extra but in addition you will get good warranty years, service and efficiency also it will save your electricity bill. going with unknown and recent manufacturers will not guarantee efficiency, electricity bill, operation and life of the motors. In our opinion choose the motor manufacturers within the top 5 give in the list above.

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