Highlights from the fresh Day by day Pressure podcasts, Would possibly 8-10

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Listed below are highlights from the fresh episodes of ‘Day by day Pressure’, Automobile Information‘ weekday podcast, Would possibly 8-10, hosted by way of Jamie Butters with Kellen Walker.

“Somewhere in the middle, the pendulum has to settle between being extremely entrepreneur-friendly as it was for the last couple of years, to right now, being a little bit more investor-friendly.” — Steve Greenfield, founder and CEO of Automobile Ventures

“The product will do the convincing, right? We think we have a best-in-class product … that will convince customers.” — Michael Lohscheller, CEO of Nikola

GM is “going to secure about 150,000 tons of steel, of green steel, that will go in a variety of their platform vehicles as we speak.” — Kenneth Jaycox, eminent business officer of U.S. Metal, speaking in regards to the corporate’s provide contract with Common Motors for U.S.-sourced sustainable verdeX Metal

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