Survey: Maximum dealerships don’t have any EVs and a few don’t need any

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Electrical automobiles are nonetheless difficult to seek out at maximum U.S. dealerships, consistent with a survey by means of the Sierra Membership.

The crowd mentioned 66 % of the ones surveyed didn’t have any EVs in store. Of the ones shops, 44 % mentioned they might promote EVs if they might get them, however 45 % mentioned they wouldn’t it doesn’t matter what.

Mercedes-Benz dealerships had the most efficient EV provides, with 90 % announcing that they had one to be had. BMW was once the one alternative emblem for which greater than part of dealerships reported having EVs in store.

On the alternative finish of the spectrum, simplest 11 % of Honda shops and 15 % of Toyota retailers had EVs.

Geographically, EV availability was once the bottom within the Western U.S., the place call for for them is best. In the ones states, which account for 45 % of EV gross sales national, simply 27 % of sellers mentioned that they had any on the market.

Availability was once best within the Southeast, the place 41 % had EVs in store. The survey of 801 dealerships was once performed from June to November 2022.

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