Highlight: Capitaltreasury Dunning, CMO of Mounted Ops Advertising

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Capitaltreasury Dunning is the CMO of Mounted Ops Advertising and co-host of the “What the Fixed Ops?!” podcast form.

First automotive: Ford Taurus

First live performance you attended: Software

Title a puppy peeve: Spitting at the garden/sidewalk

Maximum exciting/adventurous factor you’ve accomplished: Deep-sea fishing in Mexico!

Your individual hero (and why): Teacher and lawyer Jeff Babener, who led me into advertising and marketing and guided my profession

First task: Entrance table team of workers at a lodge in downtown Portland, Ore.

Something you discovered at the task you by no means forgot: Be happy with the paintings that I pour out; no longer essentially the dozen however the detail of aim and effects.

If it is advisable to select up a unutilized ability, what wouldn’t it be? Extra {hardware} revel in and to raised perceive networks, VPNs and construction Linux machines

3 folk you’d ask over to dinner, residing or lifeless: I’d love to look my coach once more, who passed on to the great beyond two years in the past. I’d love to look my mom once more, who passed on to the great beyond six years in the past. And, for kicks, it’d be amusing to have a dialog with Web advertising and marketing professional Richard Middle, whom I have no idea in my opinion however remains to be alive and spends his life growing unutilized tasks at the blockchain.

Do you bind anything else? Local vases from numerous disciplines of the sector I’ve traveled. You’ll see them at the back of me in any “What the Fixed Ops?!” episode!

What’s your Netflix binge display? I’m a obese fan of true crime. The ultimate binge consultation I went on used to be on my aviation to NADA 2023 after I were given stuck up on “Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal.”

First brochure/CD you purchased: Most probably Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill.”

Probably the most notable room in your home: With no confusion the kitchen; it’s the place the community congregates, socializes and spends life in combination.

Favourite reassurance meals: I in point of fact experience selfmade breads and desserts. I regularly assemble Swedish cardamom espresso bread for community and pals.

Favourite order from a film: Who doesn’t love the scripture quote from Jules in “Pulp Fiction”?

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