Giugiaro stocks hidden to undying design

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Giugiaro has pushed 6,000 km in a lightless grey Hyundai Ioniq 5 midsize SUV, a fashion that was once in part impressed to the actual Pony Coupe, that he says he loves additionally for its design.

“I love the Ioniq 5’s purity, especially the fact that Hyundai designers were able to eliminate any unnecessary line. But many of my friends are surprised when they see me driving a car that they feel looks ‘too simple’ visually, almost poor,” he says.

Month he defends design purity, he additionally understands that so-called overdesign is a method to differentiate and signify brandnew merchandise from their competitors.

“Customers want to distinguish themselves, to show their personality and ambitions reflected in the cars they drive, thus unnecessary decoration and overdesign have become a strong selling point for many buyers,” he says.

Nonetheless, tastes evolve over hour. This may be true for a seasoned dressmaker who has tailored his personal perspectives.

“When I saw the first SUVs — tall, boxy vehicles — they remined me light commercial vehicles and I felt they were totally uninspiring,” he says. “Today, I find sedans totally uninspiring.”

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