ZF and IIT Madras collaborate to establish pioneering global mobility digital infrastructure | Autocar Professional


ZF Commercial Vehicle Control Systems India Ltd has entered into a partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IITM), to create the Bharat Multi-Modal Mobility Stack (BM3S), a first-of-its-kind digital infrastructure platform designed to advance sustainable and intelligent transportation globally.

This collaboration aims to develop comprehensive system solutions aligned with sustainability goals, enhancing safety, equity, and efficiency in transportation. The BM3S targets a 50% reduction in transport emissions and accidents, significantly contributing to global sustainable development.

The platform will be developed under the “Make in India for the world” initiative, setting a benchmark for global mobility solutions. “At ZF, we are committed to shaping the future of mobility with innovative solutions that are technologically advanced and create connected, safe, smart, and sustainable mobility,” says P. Kaniappan, Managing Director, ZF Commercial Vehicles Solutions India Limited.

“This collaboration with IITM is a definitive step towards addressing challenges of modern mobility. BM3S has the potential to revolutionise how we approach transportation, in India and the world, and we are excited to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative and in the overall greater digital mobility,” he further added.

Dr. Christian Brenneke, Senior Vice President of Engineering Solutions at ZF CVS, shared “Modern India’s mobility challenges are also reflective of the issues faced worldwide. ZF is at the forefront of driving cutting edge mobility technologies and solutions that most effectively address these issues, with the potential to transform and scale up for global needs. The MInT collaborative is a testament to this vision and will give a greater impetus to the initiative. Through continued collaboration between industry leaders like the ZF Group, forward thinking government agencies, and globally recognised academic institutions like IIT Madras, the industry will be better positioned to accelerate the development of cutting-edge mobility technologies.”

BM3S will focus on integrating advanced technologies for safer, more efficient transportation, including electric vehicles and autonomous driving. It aims to seamlessly integrate data streams, payment systems, vehicle technologies, and digital twin models to enhance mobility services. Aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the platform aims to reduce transport emissions, prevent accidents, and improve energy efficiency.

Leading the collaboration to develop innovative mobility and intelligent transport solutions is A Ganesamoorthy, Head of Engineering at CVS R&D, Region India, ZF.

Dr. Ramakrishna Srinivasan, CEO of the MInT Collaborative at IIT Madras, stated “By bringing together industry, government, and academia, the MInT consortium will co-create BM3S, laying the foundation for a safer, more sustainable, and equitable mobility ecosystem. We are happy to anchor the MInT Collaborative with world-leading technological and human resources in numerous fields. This initiative is the beginning of the exciting technology journey to bring to life the ‘Mobility Dreams for a Billion’. Mobility – safe, and efficient movement of people and goods – is the backbone of the modern economy. Digital infrastructure complements and optimises the physical infrastructure and is an innovation engine to advance future mobility.”

Prof. Gitakrishnan Ramadurai, Faculty In-charge of the MInT Collaborative at IIT Madras, noted “The Bharat Multi-Modal Mobility Stack is a digital platform to foster the ‘Build for India, Solve for the World’ Goals. It defines mobility as a digital public good and serves as a benchmark for standardising, developing and deploying mobility tools and services for a billion and more.”

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