ZEEKR launches 007 sedan for under $30K, 540 mile range, and over 50,000 pre-orders in place


ZEEKR launches 007 sedan for under K, 540 mile range, and over 50,000 pre-orders in place

Forty days after officially unveiling its fourth EV model and first-ever sedan, ZEEKR has officially launched the 007 with some noteworthy in-house technology. Starting at a price below $30,000, consumers in China have been lining up their 007 pre-orders… over 50,000 to be specific.

If you haven’t heard of ZEEKR by now, they may be on your radar sooner rather than later, as the Geely-owned EV automaker continues to expand its global reach beyond China and into Europe. The company currently offers its flagship 001 shooting brake, a high-performance variant called the 001 FR, a multipurpose vehicle (MPV) called the 009, and most recently, an SUV called the ZEEKR X.

We’ve driven the 001 and 009 and were quite impressed out of the gate, but it’s arguably ZEEKR’s early success and future ambitions that have garnered the most excitement about the relatively young brand.

Until recently, ZEEKR’s models have been targeted for niche segments in the EV market. However, in early November 2023, the automaker began teasing a new EV called the 007 – its first-ever sedan and its first model designed for the mass market.

Two weeks later, ZEEKR opened 007 pre-orders in China. At the same time, it simultaneously filed for a US IPO and began teasing a tech day where it would unveil its own in-house battery technology – debuting in what else but the 007 sedan.

Today, ZEEKR has officially launched the 007 sedan in China before it expands to other global markets, and from what we’ve learned, it has the makings to be a hit. Check it out.

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ZEEKR launches Long Range 007 with 870km range

According to news out of ZEEKR today, the 007 has officially launched in China and will be delivered to the 51,569 customers who have already placed pre-orders and go through with their purchases. In addition to being ZEEKR’s first mass-market EV, the 007 sedan features several other firsts for the brand.

For instance, it is the first model to adopt an integrated mega-casting rear-end aluminum body with a torsional stiffness of 43,500 N·m/deg. The sedan is also the first to feature ZEEKR’s new in-house developed audio system and ADAS consisting of one LiDAR sensor, 12 HD cameras, and five millimeter-wave radars.

As we reported in December, the 007’s 800V platform also features the debut of ZEEKR’s new lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells and battery packs – capable of replenishing 500km (311 miles) of range in 15 minutes on a DC fast charger. Today, ZEEKR shared the Standard Range version featuring this battery technology offers 688km (428 miles) of CLTC range on a single charge.

For those looking for more range, ZEEKR will offer a long-range variant of the new sedan that features Qilin batteries from CATL. That model promises a whopping 870km (540 miles) of CLTC range. ZEEKR also shared the 007 can accelerate 0-100km/h (0-62 mph) in 2.84 seconds.

ZEEKR has shared that the Standard Range version will start at a price below $30,000 and will be one of five different trim options. This includes two single-motor versions and three dual-motor AWD versions. They are priced as follows:

  • Single-Motor
    • RMB 209,900 ($29,475)
    • RMB 229,900 ($32,425)
  • Dual-Motor
    • RMB 229,900 ($32,425)
    • RMB 259,900 ($36,655)
    • RMB 299,900 ($42,300)

Deliveries in China are expected to begin on January 1, 2024.

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