You can lease a Toyota bZ4X for next to nothing right now


Toyota is now leasing its one all-electric car, the bZ4X, for just $129/mo and $2k down.

Toyota has been dipping its toe into the EV water, mostly focusing on hybrids rather than electric cars.

Its first EV, the bZ4X, hasn’t been a huge success, perhaps due to focus on hybrids. It also faced a rocky launch with an early recall, though that has all been sorted out by now.

So in a market with lots of great EVs, the bZ4X hasn’t attracted a whole lot of attention.

Last quarter, Toyota only sold 1,897 copies of the bZ4X in the US, a 9% increase over the previous year but only accounting for .4% of Toyota’s total US sales, and much less than the number of EV sales from much smaller companies.

As a result, Toyota has resorted to deep discounts on its electric crossover, making it one of the cheapest cars you can lease right now.

The steepest deal is on last year’s 2023 bZ4X base “XLE” trim, which is available for just $129/mo with $1,999 due at signing, at least here in Southern California. We also saw a deal for $119/mo and $4k down in New York. This is by far the lowest monthly price we’ve seen for the bZ4X yet, and one of the lowest we’ve seen for any EV – not just now, but ever.

The lease deal in question has a limit of 12,000 miles per year, close to the average mileage for a US driver, and a little more than the ~10,000 mile limits that are common on a lot of leases. This specific offer expires April 30th, though something similar could be extended after the month ends.

The 2024 model is just $169/mo (and $2k down), still a low price though not as eye-wateringly low as the 2023 model. Toyota made relatively minor changes for the 2024 model, including a mobile L1/L2 charging cord and standard power liftgate and 8-way power driver’s seat, along with some software changes.

Both of these are extremely low lease prices for a car with suggested retail price of $44,845 (2024 model). For example, a RAV4 LE is $369/mo with $3k down, much more than the bZ4X lease price despite that car being ~$15k cheaper than the bZ4X.

Part of the reason for these lease offers is due to the Inflation Reduction Act’s EV tax credit, which is also available (and in fact, even easier to get) on a lease. In this case, the automaker files for the credit and offers lower lease payments to the customer.

But that doesn’t cover all of the discount – the lease deal accounts for a whopping $16,250 in cash from Toyota ($17,750 on the 2023 model).

If you find this deal appealing, you can use our affiliate link to contact local dealers and see if they have this lease deal near you.

Electrek’s Take

This is certainly getting down into the “insane deal” category, even with my general distaste for how Toyota has managed the EV transition.

It reminds me somewhat of the deals on the original Fiat 500e back in 2015 or so. At the time, Fiat’s CEO, Sergio Marchionne was one of the loudest voices against electrification. He famously admitted admitted that the 500e was a compliance car (by claiming that Fiat loses money on every sale – thus suggesting that Fiat only sold them because California said so), but Fiat also leased the 500e for just $69/mo at the time.

A lot of Californians, even those who already had nice cars, decided that having a cheap runaround with extremely low fueling costs would be worthwhile, and snatched one up. Given that $69/mo is less than half of what the average Californian driver would spend on gas per month, these cars were basically free.

Now we have a similar situation with Toyota, a company that is quite openly anti-EV, but which is offering one of the cheapest EV deals we’ve seen.

I can’t say I love the bZ4X – it’s pretty middling in terms of specs, and while I’ve only driven it for a short time, it didn’t really do much to thrill me right out of the gates. I liked its cousin the Lexus RZ better, but still, neither would go anywhere near my list of top EVs.

But if your goal is to get a car with Toyota quality, aren’t particularly planning on road-tripping (one thing the bZ4X does poorly at is quick-charging performance, especially on roadtrips), and are a fan of getting good deals, well, the bZ4X might be for you right now.

If you’d like, you can use our affiliate link to contact your local dealers about the 2023 or 2024 Toyota bZ4X, and see what kind of lease deals are available in your area. Deal is subject to availability and participation, so contact your local dealer if you’re interested in a cheap bZ4X.

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