Yadea Artist launched as impressive $499 full-suspension electric scooter


Yadea, a global leader in electric mobility including scooters, mopeds, e-bikes, and more, has just launched two new full-suspension electric scooters. The Yadea Artist offers a lightweight, affordable ride, while the Yadea Elite Max adds more power and performance to the package.

The Yadea Artist e-scooter, which has now launched in the US for $499, is the company’s newest lightweight offering that sheds the pounds but doesn’t skimp on the features.

Despite being the smallest offering in Yadea’s new scooter lineup, it still offers full-suspension with a dual swingarm design. Both the front and rear suspension use rubber elastomer suspension, and having tested the scooter last week while visiting one of Yadea’s eight factories, I found it to be quite comfortable over bumps and gaps in the road. I even rode over speed bumps much faster than I thought I ever could on a fairly lightweight 18.6 kg (41 lb) e-scooter. Helping matters are the relatively large (by scooter standards) tires that measure 9″ in diameter and provide even more shock absorption.

The 350W continuous-rated and 600W peak-rated motor can climb 20% inclines and provides plenty of power for urban commuters without adding extra bulk. An integrated 36V 7.7 Ah battery offers 275 Wh of capacity, or enough for around 30 km (18.6 miles) of range.

Turn signals are mounted in the handlebar ends and face both forward and rearward, giving cars a better indication of what you’re planning to do at the next intersection.

There are three speed modes, though the fastest tops out at just 15.5 mph (25 km/h). That was my one complaint upon testing the scooter myself, and I wished I could have twisted that throttle just a bit further for more speed.

Speaking of which, I loved seeing that there’s a true half-twist throttle on the Artist instead of the more common but less functional thumb throttle. Twist throttles have been standard on powered two-wheelers for a century and offer more precise control, so it’s great to see them becoming more common on standing electric scooters.

The good news is that anyone hoping for more speed will find it in the Yadea Elite Max e-scooter, which was also launched today. The scooter reaches 20 mph (32 km/h) in the US, though the European version is still limited to the same 15.5 mph (25 km/h) limit of the Artist e-scooter.

The Yadea Elite Max also offers more power, with its hub motor rated for 500W continuous and 1,000W peak power. That allows the Elite Max to tackle steeper hills with up to a 25% grade.

The larger 48V 10Ah battery with 480 Wh of capacity is said to offer a maximum range of 34 miles (55 km) per charge.

The 10″ tubeless tires are self-healing and the suspension uses a similar dual swingarm design as the Artist, offering great shock absorption on rough streets and cobblestones.

The aluminum frame is forged instead of welded in several key locations such as around the headtube, providing both a stronger and better-looking structure to the scooter. Similar turn signals to those on the Artist also find their way onto the Elite Max. Both scooters can also make use of the Yadea smartphone app, giving riders control over smart-locking of the scooter, regenerative braking settings, speed mode changes, and more.

Priced at just $749 at launch, the Yadea Elite Max is one of the best deals right now in powerful full-suspension electric scooters.

Electrek’s Take

I just tested both of these scooters a few days ago, along with their big brother, the Yadea Elite Prime. That 1,500W scooter is fun, but probably more than I really need. In fact, the Artist feels pretty darn perfect for me, and I like the lightweight design. However, the extra speed, power, and range of the Elite Max is hard to pass up for those that can spare an extra 10 pounds.

At these prices, Yadea is coming in hot with attractive new offerings that are stable, fun to ride, and most importantly, offer some serious value for commuters and recreational riders alike. While I could use a bit more speed on the lightest offering, it’s great seeing faster and more powerful scooters in the lineup too.

Electrek’s Micah Toll getting an up-close look at Yadea’s three newest dual-suspension electric scooters

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