XPeng CEO shares NGP self-driving footage in Germany, teasing full roll out coming to EU


According to a recent post from XPeng chairman and CEO He Xiaopeng, the automaker’s self-driving ADAS navigation-guided pilot (NGP) is being tested on German roads and showing “great promise,” leading the way for an XNGP rollout throughout Europe.

XPeng Motors ($XPEV) operates as a growing name in the automotive industry, mostly because of its EVs and expansions to new global markets such as Europe. That being said, another impressive facet of technology XPeng has continued to improve over the years is its Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), which it initially called navigation guided pilot, or NGP.

The driver assist features were originally only applied to highway driving scenarios before XPeng expanded the systems to operate on more congested urban roads with City NGP.

After sharing impressive drive footage of City NGP, XPeng began piloting its next phase in self-driving – XNGP. When it fully launched in March 2023, XPeng heralded it as “the most advanced and capable in China.” Eat your heart out Tesla.

Since then, XPeng Motors has been quickly rolling out self-driving XNGP access to drivers in China, and it is now available in 259 different cities, with more on the way while it beta tests a new feature called Valet AI.

Meanwhile, across the pond, XPeng Motors continues to introduce more and more new all-electric models and is taking the next steps to roll NGP out to those customers as well.

XPeng Highway NGP test footage in Germany / Source: He Xiaopeng/LinkedIn

XPeng Highway NGP is near ready for Europe

XPeng founder, chairman, and CEO He Xiaopeng shared encouraging test footage on XPeng NGP in Germany in a LinkedIn post today, stating that the process has shown great promise and XNGP is nearly road-ready for Europe. Per the post:

Extensively tested in China, our ADAS software has proved that it can smoothly operate abroad, another step towards our goal of making advanced smart driving accessible worldwide.

Thanks to the dedication of our colleagues all over the world and the support of our car owners.

Meanwhile, we are proud that our industry-leading XNGP ADAS is now available in 259 cities in China with more planned; while our much-anticipated AI Valet Driver function is under beta testing.

The video footage you can view in the link above shows an XPeng EV safely navigating German highways hands-free, recognizing passing cars, and easily overtaking a large semi-truck, all at speeds between 75 and 120 km (47-75 mph).

Xiaopeng also shared that XPeng intends to share more details of NGP’s progress in Europe during the Beijing Autoshow, which begins next week.

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