‘Women sometimes suffer from an imposter syndrome’: Garima Misra | Autocar Professional


On the International Women’s Day, while it is important to recognise women setting a predence across various industries, including automotive, it is also critical to understand the challenges, inhibiting their participation in the sector which has historically been a bastion of male power. However, as the sector continues to shed its biases and work proactively towards introducing policies that enable more women entering the workforce, women also need to up their confidence, and take up more challenging roles.

According to Garima Misra, Managing Director, Group Landmark, “Women, sometimes, tend to suffer from an imposter syndrome, and are unable to attribute their skills to their success. At FADA, while most women leaders are doing a great job of successfully running dealerships, and service centres, they shy away when it comes to being a dealer principal.”

Misra, who also dons the hat of being the Delhi Chairperson of the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA), says this apprehension is something that needs to be overcome, and women must leverage their confidence to go out and rise in their careers.

“It is all about a woman’s confidence from within that will take them places. More than gender, it is all about the content and relevant skill set,” Misra pointed out while speaking as a panelist at the Autocar Professional Women To Watch webinar, held on March 7.

Misra further stated that the automotive industry has opened its arms for women to run towards it. “The industry is very welcoming, and besides, we need to talk about the success stories of women louder so that they become role models. Challenges are inherent to life, and one must face them, and deal with them,” she said while citing that there has been an 89 percent increase in women applying for diploma courses in Tamil Nadu, after the commissioning of the Ola Electric plant in the State.

“The marriage age has also gone up from 14 to 21 within two years in the Krishnagiri district where this facility is located. So, the change is happening, and if we all work towards it collectively, the scenario will improve significantly,” Misra said. 

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