WeaveGrid collaborates with Toyota to enable V2G integration with selected utilities – Charged EVs


Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology is expected to support a cleaner, more resilient electrical grid, while enabling EV owners to save money while charging their vehicles. However, some sort of managed charging platform will be needed to match up EV owners with local utilities.

Software provider WeaveGrid, in collaboration with Toyota, has developed just such a platform. WeaveGrid’s direct integration with Toyota is now active in select utility territories across the US, and the companies plan to expand it to others soon.

The collaboration enables WeaveGrid’s software platform to work in concert with the telematics systems on certain Toyota and Lexus plug-in vehicles to provide actionable EV load management capabilities to some of the country’s largest electric utilities.

Toyota BEV and PHEV owners who enroll in WeaveGrid-powered programs with participating utilities are eligible to earn various benefits from their utility companies. For example: Xcel Energy customers enrolled in the Optimize Your Charge program in Colorado, Minnesota and New Mexico can earn a $50 annual bill credit, on top of daily savings from off-peak rates; and Baltimore Gas & Electric customers can access discounted charging and save an estimated $150 per year through the utility’s EVsmart program.

“Toyota is committed to creating a home energy ecosystem where customers can not only charge their EVs at home, but also provide customers with the opportunity to save money, utilize clean energy and potentially contribute to grid and energy stability,” said Christopher Yang, Group VP, Toyota Business Development. “Working with WeaveGrid will allow Toyota to play a larger role in defining this home energy ecosystem and ensure that the home charging experience benefits both the customer and society.”

Source: WeaveGrid

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