WeaveGrid and Wallbox to offer utility-managed smart charging, starting in Colorado – Charged EVs


California-based EV charging software developer WeaveGrid and Spanish EV charging equipment supplier Wallbox have partnered to expand North American Wallbox owners’ access to utility-managed charging programs, beginning with Xcel Energy’s Charging Perks Program in Colorado.

The program optimizes residential EV charging times to align with low power grid demand and high availability of renewable energy (mainly wind power in Colorado). Wallbox charger owners who enroll in the program can receive cash incentives and save money by charging at low-cost times.

The two companies plan to expand these capabilities to Wallbox charger owners across the US.

“Our goal,” said Yakov Berenshteyn, WeaveGrid Director of Automotive and Charging Partnerships, “is to remove barriers to EV adoption, and this partnership helps make EV charging more affordable, reliable and clean for Wallbox owners.”

Source: WeaveGrid

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