‘We have several women CEOs in the industry’: Shuba Kumar | Autocar Professional


‘We have several women CEOs in the industry’: Shuba Kumar | Autocar Professional

Women participation in the automotive industry is on the upswing, with several preconceived notions and biases getting overcome when it comes to the inclusion of women in the workforce. “The automotive component industry has certainly changed over the last few years. I think we must also give good credit to the men who have supported this change to happen,” said Shuba Kumar, Managing Director, Natesan Synchrocones, and Chairperson, ACMA Southern Region.

“I think these biases can be overcome if we could work through with logic and clear explanations rather than sitting behind a gender-biased narrative. If we can do that, I think the acceptance for women is very good, and we have seen that across the automotive industry. While it is quite male dominated, we have several women CEOs in the industry,” Kumar added while speaking as a panelist at the Autocar Professional Women To Watch webinar.

Kumar brought up the need for infrastructural interventions that empower women to work in the industry, and said, it is a mindset and cultural change that is required in the society. “There are a lot more toilets that are available, and while the situation is getting better, I think it is a journey,” she said.  

She further added that the industry requires both policies, as well as talent to empower women towards driving growth and results in business. “If women prove results in organisations, organisations get more comfortable in placing women in these roles. At the end of the day people see success, there is nothing that will get more women onboard as proving results,” Kumar pointed out.

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