Volvo’s highest-mileage plug-in hybrid is going away


Volvo’s highest-mileage plug-in hybrid is going away

The Volvo S60 sedan—which in Recharge form is currently the Swedish automaker’s most efficient plug-in hybrid—is being discontinued in the U.S.

Motor1 first reported that S60 production would end at Volvo’s Ridgeville, South Carolina, factory (located near the city of Charleston) this month. That was telegraphed by Volvo in 2021, when the automaker announced that the South Carolina factory would go all-electric in 2024, before its other plants—even those in China, where EV demand is much higher.

The end of U.S. production left open the possibility that the S60 would continue here as an import, but Volvo has now confirmed to Green Car Reports that this won’t be the case.

2025 Volvo S60

“S60 will not continue in the U.S. as an import,” Volvo spokesperson Russell Datz told Green Car Reports. “About 120,000 have been sold globally since the Charleston plant was inaugurated 2018.” The V60 wagon derivative is also expected to go away, even though it comes from a plant in Belgium rather than South Carolina—although Volvo hasn’t yet made that part of it official.

Including its final 2025 model-year run, which may be cut a bit short, the S60 will have been sold in the U.S. for 25 model years, spanning three generations. In addition to inaugurating U.S. production, the final generation, which launched for the 2019 model year, brought a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Initially, only the sporty S60 Polestar Engineered was available as a plug-in hybrid, but Volvo later introduced a more sensible Recharge model.

2025 Volvo S60

2025 Volvo S60

As it heads to retirement, the S60 Recharge leads other Volvo plug-in hybrids in electric range (at 41 miles) and fuel economy (31 mpg combined), thanks to a larger 14.9-kwh battery pack that arrived for model year 2023. Earlier models with the smaller 10.4-kwh pack were rated at 22 miles of electric range and 30 mpg combined.

Volvo has more comprehensively fit its plug-in hybrids into its EV product strategy than any other full-line automaker. It’s even gone so far as to mask its tailpipes. But now the focus is shifting more fully to EVs. The all-electric EX90 SUV has already started production in South Carolina, and the Polestar 3 from Volvo’s spinoff brand will soon follow.

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