Volvo XC40 and C40 Recharge EVs revived as EX40 and EC40 with new upgrades


Volvo XC40 and C40 Recharge EVs revived as EX40 and EC40 with new upgrades

Volvo is dropping the “Recharge” on its XC40 and C40 all-electric models to streamline its portfolio as it moves toward an EV-only future. The Volvo XC40 and C40 Recharge have been revived as the EX40 and EC40 with a new optional performance upgrade and special Black Edition.

Going all in on electric

As one of the first automakers to announce its commitment to an all-electric lineup, Volvo’s early devotion is paying off.

Volvo kicked off the offensive with the fully electric XC40 Recharge, introduced in October 2019. Powered by an AWD powertrain, the electric SUV offered over 250 miles (400 km) range with Volvo’s signature Swedish design.

In March 2021, Volvo launched the C40 Recharge, a smaller crossover aimed at a new market. The only complaint was the model’s limited EPA range (210 mi), while Tesla’s Model Y achieved over 300 mi on the same size battery.

Volvo updated the electric SUVs last year with more range, faster charging, and several new features.

The new Single Motor Extended Range C40 Recharge and XC40 Recharge achieve up to 297 and 293 EPA miles range, respectively.

Volvo EX40 (Source: Volvo)

Meanwhile, the XC40 Recharge Twin Motor AWD features up to 254 miles range while the C40 Recharge Twin Motor has up to 257 EPA miles range.

Volvo XC40 and C40 Recharge EVs become EX40, EC40

Volvo announced it is streamlining its EV model names as it moves toward becoming an all-EV lineup by 2030.

The electric XC40 and C40 Recharge have been revived as the EX40 and EC40, aligning with its newly launched EX30, EX90, and EM90 EVs.

“By aligning our trailblazing first electric models with the rest of our electric car portfolio, we simplify choice for consumers as we continue to electrify our line-up and refresh our hybrids,” Volvo’s chief commercial officer and deputy CEO explained.

Volvo EC40 (Source: Volvo)

Volvo is also introducing a new Performance software pack for the EX40 and EC40 Twin Motor variants. It will also be available as an upgrade for previous models in select markets.

The new Performance upgrade boosts power output by 34 hp (25 kW) with unique pedal mapping for quicker acceleration. A “Performance” drive mode unlocks up to 436 hp (325 kW) power.

The package will be offered as an option upgrade for new models, while older model-year vehicles can purchase and download it directly to their car.

Volvo EC40 Black Edition (Source: Volvo)

Volvo is introducing a special Black Edition for new EX40, EC40, and XC40 models. It includes Onyx Black paint, black badging, 20″ alloy wheels, and microtech or textile charcoal interior.

Volvo achieved its 17th straight month of growth in January, with EVs leading the way. Electric vehicles accounted for 16% of Volvo’s total sales last year.

Volvo 40 series Black Edition interior (Source: Volvo)

With new EVs in key segments, including the EX30 (check out our review), starting at $35,000, Volvo expects the momentum to continue in 2024. Its first three-row electric SUV, the EX90, and its first luxury electric van, the EM90, are also launching this year.

Electrek’s Take

Volvo is well on its way to becoming an all-EV automaker, with unique models rolling out in popular segments like large SUVs, luxury vans, and affordable models.

Aligning the XC40 and C40 Recharge EVs with its new electric models will help differentiate from its hybrid models. After selling a record 113,419 EVs last year, or 16% of its total sales, Volvo looks to accelerate EV sales with new models launching this year.

By next year, Volvo aims for 50% of its sales, or around 600,000, to be all-electric. CEO Jim Rowan said he believes the automaker is on track to hit its goal.

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