Volvo EX30 tops Mini in Europe as low-cost EV’s sales surge in May


Volvo EX30 tops Mini in Europe as low-cost EV’s sales surge in May

The cheapest and smallest Volvo EV is off to a hot start. After only five months on the market, the Volvo EX30 topped BMW’s Mini in Europe’s small premium segment as sales continued surging.

Volvo EX30 passes Mini in EU sales

Since EX30 production began in Zhangjiakoui, China, last fall, Volvo’s compact EV is already a top seller.

Despite its small size, the Volvo EX30 is having a significant impact. According to global data collection firm Dataforce, Volvo’s sales rose 27% last month in Europe. With over 32,800 models sold, Volvo propelled to number 14, up from 17 last year.

The EX30 accounted for the majority of the growth. Volvo’s EX30 topped the small premium segment, surpassing BMW’s Mini by 1,029 in sales.

Volvo’s EX30 is the third-best-selling EV in Europe through May, with 30,195 models sold. The Tesla Model Y took the top spot with over 79,100. Tesla’s Model 3 was second with 38,863 units sold, up 38% YOY.

The growth comes after the EU revealed plans for additional tariffs on EVs made in China last week. Volvo’s deputy CEO, Bjorn Annwall, criticized the decision, saying it would only hurt the buyer.

Volvo EX30 (Source: Volvo)

Starting at around 36,000 euros ($38,500), Volvo’s EX30 is one of the most affordable EVs on the market.

Although Volvo had already planned to begin EX30 production in the EU in 2025, Annwall hinted the US-bound model would likely come from Belgium.

Volvo EX30 interior (Source: Volvo)

Volvo plans to introduce the EX30 in over 90 countries by the end of the year. In the US, the EX30 starts at $34,950. It’s available in two powertrains, a single-motor extended range, and a twin-motor performance, offering up to 275 miles of range.

As you would expect from Volvo, the EX30 has the latest safety and connectivity tech. It includes Google built-in with Apple CarPlay as standard.

Electrek’s Take

Volvo EX30 sales surging in Europe is no surprise as demand for affordable EVs continues climbing. Most automakers are planning or have already launched low-cost EVs.

Kia opened orders for its EV3 in Korea, starting at $30,700 (KRW 42.08 million). Next year, Kia is expected to launch the EV4, an entry-level electric sedan, starting at around $35,000 (see a video of it captured in the wild).

Volkswagen finished design work on its ID.2all, a $27,000 (25,000) euro electric car. The production ID.2all is expected to debut later this year, with sales kicking off in 2025.

Hyundai, Ford, GM, BMW, Nissan, and others have all revealed plans to launch more affordable EVs over the next few years.

Volvo’s early commitment to go all-electric is already paying off as the EX30 takes market share.

Source: Automotive News

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