Volkswagen’s $27,000 ID 2all electric vehicle may come later than expected


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If you were waiting on Volkswagen’s $27,000 (€25,000) ID 2all EV, you may have to wait a little longer. According to a local media report, Volkswagen is delaying volume production of the affordable electric car.

Volkswagen’s ID 2all EV production is being delayed

A report from the German magazine auto motor und sport claims that Volkswagen’s ID 2all will go into mass production in May 2026 rather than 2025.

The change comes as EU countries agreed not to update existing Euro 6 emissions limits for cars. VW and other European automakers were preparing to end production of small ICE cars by the end of the decade.

VW Passenger Cars CEO Thomas Shaefer said the decision is to reduce costs. Shaefer told auto motor and sport only 80% of the maximum forecast sales volume for new models will be planned for production.

He added that VW had overcapacity after new orders fell last year. If a new model generates higher sales, VW will add extra shifts to meet the demand, Shaefer explained.

The decision enables automakers to continue building gas-powered vehicles without the planned upgrades.

Volkswagen ID 2all electric vehicle (Source: Volkswagen)

Volkswagen’s production ID 2 all EV is still expected to be revealed in 2025. However, it will likely build a limited number of models in the first year.

VW unveiled the affordable ID 2all EV concept last March. The electric hatch is based on VW’s new MEB Entry platform with up to 450 km (280 mi) WLTP range.

Andreas Mindt, head designer at VW brand cars, said the entry-level electric car “gives a preview of the new design language of Volkswagen.” Mindt recently shared new images of the ID 2all’s “spacious” interior.

Volkswagen’s ID 2all EV interior (Source: Andreas Mindt)

One of the best features is the new rotary knob. By turning the knob, you can switch between drive modes, including “Classic” and “Vintage.” The Classic mode takes from the Beetle era, while the Vintage mode

Volkswagen ID 2all “Vintage” mode from the Golf era (Source: Andreas Mindt)

VW says the ID 2all is “Spacious like a Golf” and “affordable like a Polo.” It will be one of ten new VW EVs launched by 2026. The company also plans to release an SUV version that will arrive the following year.

The German automaker teased the electric SUV for the first time last month. The high-riding model appears to include similar “ID” design features like a lightbar up front and rear roof spoiler.

Volkswagen ID 2 all SUV (Source: Volkswagen)

It almost appears to have a Volvo EX30-like design. Volvo’s cheapest and smallest electric SUV is rolling out in the US this year with starting prices around $35,000.

Electrek’s Take

Although the rule changes opened the door for VW and other automakers to delay EV production, it will only put them further behind the pack.

Tesla’s Model Y was the best-selling vehicle (gas or electric), the first EV to accomplish the feat. While Tesla and others, including Chinese EV makers, continue ramping output, VW’s delay in production could lead to less market share over the next few years.

Several automakers launched or plan to release affordable EVs. Stellantis launched the Citroen e-C3 starting at 23,300 euros ($25,500). A cheaper (19,990 euro) version is expected to roll out in 2025.

BYD and other Chinese automakers are expanding in overseas markets, including Europe, with low-cost electric models like the Dolphin electric hatchback.

The decision to push back production could be costly for VW. Ford and GM are making similar moves in the US. Meanwhile, others like Hyundai and Volvo are doubling down with their sights set on gaining market share as the industry shifts to electric.

Source: Automotive News

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