Volkswagen unveils new Porsche-like electric SUV design, but you can’t have it


The Volkswagen ID. Code previews a new electric SUV aimed at younger buyers, but it won’t be available in the US. VW introduced the sleek Porsche-like electric SUV as it looks to tap into the world’s largest EV market.

New VW electric SUV teases Porsche-like design

Volkswagen revealed a drastic shift in design and tech for its future EV models in China. The new ID. Code previews VW’s new sub-brand aimed at younger buyers.

With a sleek Porsche-like design, the VW ID. Code teases a new electric SUV as part of its new range of models. Volkswagen is tapping into local partners, like XPeng, to regain market share in its most important market.

After BYD ended its 15-year run as China’s top-selling auto brand, VW is plowing ahead with its new “in China, for China” strategy.

According to CEO Thomas Shafer, VW is “ushering in a new era” with modern tech, a bold new design, and local development. The ID. Code is specifically tailored for customers in China.

Reminiscent of a Gran Turismo, the new VW electric SUV has a Porsche-like feel with a sleek profile.

Volkswagen ID. Code electric SUV concept (Source: Volkswagen AG)

A newly designed “living space” features a new experience where real and virtual worlds combine. VW says the new EV can be driven traditionally or in Level 4 autonomous mode.

New brand-specific features include a modernist interior design with an updated display and operating concept (HMI) aimed at younger buyers.

Volkswagen ID. Code electric SUV concept interior (Source: Volkswagen AG)

Taking on the world’s largest EV market

The ID.Code previews a new electric SUV from its new ID.UX sub-brand set to roll out by 2027. Volkswagen will introduce electrified versions of its ICE models with new “highly efficient” plug-in hybrids featuring over 100 km (62 miles) electric range.

VW is complementing its MQB and MEB platforms with local support. For example, the company announced plans to slash EV costs with a new digital EV platform using XPeng’s E/E architecture.

Volkswagen ID. Code electric SUV concept (Source: Volkswagen AG)

Meanwhile, Volkswagen China Technology Company (VCTC) is developing the brand’s first EV platform specifically designed for China.

VW plans to launch at least four entry-level EVs on the China Main Platform (CMP) from 2026. The company believes having multiple platforms will help it to meet all customer needs with the right products.

Volkswagen ID. Code electric SUV concept (Source: VW)

The first ID. UX model, the ID.UNYX will make its market debut later this year. Meanwhile, its partnership with XPeng will spawn two mid-class EVs by 2026.

VW said its ID line-up will grow to include 16 models by 2030, including five ID. UX models. The automaker is also preparing several low-cost EVs for global markets like the ID.1 and ID.2, expected to start at 20,000 euros ($21,700) and 25,000 euros ($27,000), respectively.

Can the new models help VW compete with BYD and Tesla? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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