Volkswagen quits Australian auto industry lobby over emissions standards – Charged EVs


As regular Charged readers know, when it comes to EVs, legacy automakers tend to follow two tracks—while preparing for the transition, and telling the media about how committed they are to electrification, they simultaneously participate in trade groups that actively lobby against emissions standards and other pro-EV regulations.

Volkswagen Australia has broken with this trend—the business unit has distanced itself from the policies of Australia’s auto industry trade group, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, which is waging a campaign against new emissions standards.

In February, the Australian government proposed a long-overdue New Vehicle Efficiency Standard, analogous to the emissions/fuel economy standards that prevail in the US, EU, UK and other wealthy countries (according to Reuters, Russia and Australia are among the only industrialized countries that currently have no vehicle efficiency standards).

The FCAI naturally wants the government to water down its policy. Toyota, the top seller of autos in Australia, backs the lobby group’s position. Tesla has accused the FCAI of making false claims, and quit the group. Polestar followed suit.

In an open letter to FCAI members, Volkswagen said it has resigned from the lobby group’s Policy Advisory Committee.

“Volkswagen Group Australia…speaks for itself on public and policy matters including the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard,” wrote a spokesperson. “A strong NVES is in the best interests of this country.”

Source: Reuters

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