VinFast launches fast new e-bike in the US to combine American and Vietnamese culture


VinFast, the Vietnamese automaker known for its portfolio of electric vehicles, has officially introduced its VF DrgnFly electric bike to the U.S. market. It’s a move that the company says further solidifies its presence in the global push toward sustainable mobility.

The VF DrgnFly, which combines current US e-bike trends with Vietnamese cultural aesthetics, is set to offer US consumers yet another interesting offering in the moped-style e-bike space.

According to VinFast, the e-bike is inspired by the image of a flying dragon, a revered symbol in Vietnamese culture. The VF DrgnFly features wide handlebars, fat tires, and an “ergonomically designed saddle,” ensuring comfort and control on various terrains.

The bike also breaks the mold with its innovative “flat frame” design, moving away from traditional tube frames. This not only enhances the bike’s visual appeal but also strikes an optimal balance between weight and durability, showcasing VinFast’s commitment to world-class manufacturing and design prowess.

If you ask me, it looks like another SUPER73-inspired e-bike, but no one is asking me.

The bike comes fully kitted out with significant performance components on the spec side. It features a 750W rear hub motor paired with a torque sensor that provides feedback 16,000 times per second, which VinFast says is significantly more sensitive than traditional systems.

This setup ensures a smooth and responsive ride, with a top speed of up to 28 mph (45 km/h) and a range of up to 68 miles (110 km) on a single charge of its 640 Wh battery – at least when in the lowest pedal assist setting.

Hello fellow American youths, we are one of you

The bike is a single-speed, likely a nod towards the fact that few people will ever actually use the pedals for more than a cursory spin up to cruising speed. But that also suggests that the 68-mile range figure on low-power pedal assist might not be quite achievable in real life settings, at least not under the type of use that most riders will see.

The bike does feature some interesting smart capabilities though, such as a mobile application that offers multiple driving modes, ride statistics, and remote access features like locking and unlocking, further enhanced by regular over-the-air software updates.

To inspire a bit more confidence, the VF DrgnFly comes with a two-year warranty from VinFast, which is a welcome addition over the one-year warranty that is standard in much of the direct-to-consumer e-bike industry in the US. That being said, the rather high price of US $2,599 is going to be a tougher sell for many Americans currently enjoying much lower prices in a fairly overstocked US e-bike market.

David Duncan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at VinFast U.S., emphasized the company’s vision with the launch, stating, “The official launch of the VF DrgnFly in the U.S. exemplifies our unwavering commitment to bringing electric mobility to everyone. By offering a sustainable, smart, and personalized mobility option, we are embracing the green transportation revolution, paving the way for a healthier and more vibrant future.”

As VinFast continues to expand its influence in other key markets such as Canada, Europe, and several countries across Asia, it also plans to enhance its manufacturing capabilities with new plants in the U.S., India, and Indonesia. This global strategy underscores VinFast’s ambitions in the electric vehicle industry and its dedication to a wide variety of vehicle types.

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