Vinfast EVs: Pickup concept, $20,000 VF 3 mini-SUV, e-bike all bow at CES


Before the second effort from Vinfast, the larger three-row VF 9, has even gone on sale, the Vietnam-based automaker is already focusing on an onslaught of future vehicles and concepts. 

Vinfast introduced a trio of future and potential products at CES in Las Vegas this week, including an electric pickup concept, a stylish electric bike, and a seriously small electric SUV.

For all three of these models, there’s nothing like them on the market right now. Perhaps it’s a better bet to build a full brand rather than count on the not-ready-for-primetime VF 8 electric crossover that has arrived to compete with a robust set of rivals from Tesla and legacy automakers alike. 

Vinfast VF Wild concept – CES 2024

VinFast VF Wild concept

VinFast VF Wild concept

Vinfast VF Wild concept - CES 2024

Vinfast VF Wild concept – CES 2024

VF Wild: Tacoma-sized, but electric

The company describes the VF Wild concept as a “first attempt for a pickup truck,” aiming toward a wider product range for the company. 

The VF Wild was developed in Australia as a joint effort between Vinfast and the Australian design studio GoMotiv. The design boasts a “Fluid Dynamism” aesthetic that Vinfast claims is “inspired by the flowing motion of a superhero’s cape in the wind.”

By American standards, the VF Wild is neither a compact truck nor a full-size one, and it most closely compares to the Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, or now-mothballed Lordstown Endurance. Its overall length is 209 inches, and it’s 79 inches wide.

A power-folding midgate system allows the rear seats to fold down automatically and essentially expand the usable bed length from 5 feet to 8 feet—providing what Vinfast says would be the largest bed in its segment. The cabin incorporates a panoramic glass roof, as well as a different layout and look versus the brand’s crossovers. 

Vinfast didn’t offer much detail yet about the truck in terms of propulsion or performance, or say that the truck will make it to production. However, based on how open the company was about showing off the functional interior and midgate, plus Vinfast’s bullish approach and pickups’ popularity in America, it appears likely.

Vinfast VF 3 prototype - 2024 CES

Vinfast VF 3 prototype – 2024 CES

Is there a market for a $20,000 electric SUV?

Subtract the VF Wild’s five feet of cargo bed from its length and you still end up with a longer vehicle than the tiny VF 3 electric SUV that was also shown at CES. 

The VF 3 actually bowed six months ago in Vietnam, but the CES debut kicks off the global launch of the model. It’s tiny by American standards, sized closely to the Suzuki Jimmy—the descendant of the original Suzuki Samurai—and it measures just 126 inches long, 66 inches wide, and 64 inches high.

The company hasn’t yet confirmed whether the VF 3 is U.S.-bound but hinted it may depend on safety regulations and performance. If it is offered Stateside, executives have pointed to a starting price under $20,000. The company will start accepting reservations for this model in 2024, but it notes that arrival timing, pricing, and more are yet to be disclosed. 

VinFast VF 3

VinFast VF 3

The VF 3 is two-door four-seater with folding rear seats and an interior that follows a minimalist approach. The rear seats fold down to expand cargo capacity to 19.4 cubic feet. A 10.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

The company claims a target estimate of more than 125 miles of range from a small lithium-ion battery pack, but the size is yet undisclosed.

Vinfast Drgnfly electric bike - 2024 CES

Vinfast Drgnfly electric bike – 2024 CES

Vinfast Drgnfly electric bike - 2024 CES

Vinfast Drgnfly electric bike – 2024 CES

Vinfast Drgnfly electric bike - 2024 CES

Vinfast Drgnfly electric bike – 2024 CES

Vintage-themed, data-connected e-bike

The third mode of transport on display from Vinfast, an electric bike called the Drgnfly, was designed by the Danish design studio Eskild Hansen. It is said to combine vintage influences from “the golden era of motorcycles” with a commitment to sustainability, and it features an elongated, V-shaped frame evocative of a dragon. The battery is integrated within the frame and allows up to 63 miles of range, and it’s supplemented by a 750-watt motor allowing speeds up to 28 mph.

Pitched as a lifestyle model rather than basic mobility—in the same school as the Honda Motocompacto, perhaps—the Drgnfly will have its own 4G embedded data connection, GPS-based remote locking and locating, data and diagnostics features, over-the-air updates, and a coordinated smartphone app. It is due to launch first in the U.S. prior to other global markets. The Drgnfly launches at a price of $2,800, including a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty. 

Vinfast VF 9 - CES 2024

Vinfast VF 9 – CES 2024

Vinfast confirmed last month that in the U.S. it plans to pivot to a dealer model, with franchise dealerships to be responsible for repairs, maintenance, and parts support for the vehicles it sells. With a wide range of models suggested by these debuts at CES, it appears there might soon be a lot more for them to get excited about. 

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