Video: Electric F-250 showcases Schaeffler’s EV components – Charged EVs


Everyone seems to be getting into the EV game these days. Does the German automotive supplier Schaeffler have dreams of becoming the next Tesla?

Well, not exactly. Yes, the company built an electric version of the Ford F-250 pickup truck, and yes, it’s a pretty cool ride. But the real point, as Scott from Schaeffler explained to Charged, is to showcase all the EV technology that Schaeffler offers to vehicle OEMs.

The all-electric pickup features a novel temperature control system that uses the vehicle’s radiator to cool the electric axle, to cool or heat the battery pack, and to heat the passenger cabin to boot. The effect of extreme weather on EV range has been much in the news lately, so EV makers are likely to find a more efficient means of temperature control to be of interest.

Schaeffler’s battery system features liquid pouch battery cells and a BMS, which can be packaged in a variety of form factors to suit an OEM’s needs, thanks to Schaeffler’s proven stamping technology.

Schaeffler’s prototype electric axle includes an 800-volt electric motor and an 11:1 single-speed gearbox, seamlessly integrated into the F-250’s existing axle. It delivers about 5,500 Nm of torque to the tires.

Source: Schaeffler Group

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