Vespa launches Dragon collector’s edition to commemorate Lunar Year | Autocar Professional



Vespa 946 has launched its limited edition Dragon design to commemorate the launch of and pay homage to the Lunar New Year.  

Vespa brings its distinctive Italian edge on the road, harnessing the power of the dragon, a mythological creature that holds unparalleled force and is regarded as an omen of prosperity, with a dedicated Lunar New Year celebration event in Hong Kong on January 24.

The Vespa 946 is reimagined in a golden hue for the exclusive Dragon collector’s edition, ’embodying the fierce spirit of the scooter’, noted the release. Available in a limited run of 1888 items, the model is emblazoned with a vibrant emerald green dragon motif that snakes around the livery.

It is also launching an exclusive Dragon Varsity Jacket which  celebrates the legendary status of the iconic scooter and reflects its signature combination of style and legacy, noted a press release. 

The jacket’s front panel features Vespa’s iconic V monogram accompanied by an ancient Chinese proverb.


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