US Army orders 88 EV ARC off-grid EV charging systems from Beam Global – Charged EVs


Beam Global has secured an order from the US Army Corps of Engineers for 88 more EV ARC off-grid charging systems. The EV ARC systems will be deployed across 21 locations in 16 states.

Executive Order 14057 calls for 100% zero-emission federal fleet vehicle acquisitions by 2035, including 100% light-duty acquisitions by 2027. This could be a pretty big driver of demand, as the federal fleet includes approximately 675,000 vehicles.

Beam Global’s EV ARC is a portable off-grid charging system that includes solar panels and battery storage. The Army has already ordered hundreds. Other government agencies and municipalities have also proven to be volume customers.

“As federal fleet electrification initiatives like Executive Order 14057 gain momentum, we expect continued growth in the federal sector,” said Beam Global CEO Desmond Wheatley. “Energy security and energy resilience is an increasingly important consideration in building out the EV charging infrastructure, and we support the goal to have 25% of EV charging infrastructure off-grid and powered by 100% renewable energy.”

Source: Beam Global

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