Ultraviolette rolls out Supernova DC fast charging network | Autocar Professional


Ultraviolette has launched its new DC fast charging infrastructure called the UV Supernova. This will be quicker than the Boost charger that takes four hours to full charge the e-bike and the standard charger that roughly takes double the time. 

Ultraviolette Supernova Charging Station

Ultraviolette’s charging stations come equipped with two options–Supernova with a 6kW capacity and Supernova Plus with a 12kW  capacity. Each charging station comprises two plugs which can top up the F77’s battery from 20-80 percent in less than an hour, claims the company.

This claimed charging time is much quicker than the Boost Charger that takes approximately four hours from zero to full battery SOC. The regular charger further doubles the time taken by a boost charger and takes nearly 8 hours to top up the F77’s battery pack. Currently, the company plans on deploying hundred such charging stations across India with ten such stations already established across three major states – Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Ultraviolette also recently partnered with HPCL, which gave the company access to set up its charging stations at HPCL retail fuel pumps in 12 states.

The UV Supernova charging infrastructure is currently compatible with the Ultraviolette F77 e-bike that has a claimed IDC range of 307km in its top Recon guise although the real-world range number is much lower, as we found out in our comprehensive road test. The F77 is the first electric bike that can genuinely be used to cover long distances at speed and the establishment of this charging infrastructure will prove greatly beneficial to the dedicated few who do decide to embark on a long road trip aboard an EV. With a bike as powerful as the F77, you constantly want to stay in the ‘Ballistic’ mode on the highway because it offers a very direct throttle response and has very addictive acceleration in this top mode. However, if you are frivolous with the throttle, then the battery will drain in less than 170km (approximately), which will mean more stops across the journey. 

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