Transphorm releases reference design for bidirectional GaN power supply for EV chargers – Charged EVs


Transphorm releases reference design for bidirectional GaN power supply for EV chargers – Charged EVs

US-based GaN semiconductor producer Transphorm has released a new 300 W DC-to-DC GaN reference design for two- and three-wheeled EV battery chargers.

The TDDCDC-TPH-IN-BI-LLC-300W-RD design uses TP65H150G4PS 150 mOhm SuperGaN field-effect transistors (FETs) in a TO-220 package to power a high-performance, high-efficiency energy harvesting and distribution battery charging system, according to the company.

The TDDCDC-TPH-IN-BI-LLC-300W-RD board is designed for high-power-density applications such as the DC-to-DC power stage of bidirectional DC-to-AC inverter power supplies used in energy harvesting applications with solar-, battery- and grid-tied systems as well as AC-to-DC power supplies used in EV battery chargers. It features convection cooling without forced air, output power of 300 W, output voltage of 48 V/6 A, 380 V/0.9 A, 97.3% peak efficiency and power density of 36.5 W/in³.

“The first value proposition of GaN in high-power applications was realized by the highly efficient operation of the bridgeless totem-pole power factor correction circuit. This subsequently led to the next level of benefits across a variety of topologies, including overall smaller and lower-cost power systems across the full power conversion spectrum, from 30 W to over 10 kW,” said Primit Parikh, President and CEO of Transphorm. “We have now demonstrated bidirectional power conversion that can be used by vehicle on-board chargers for e-mobility, renewable energy and backup power systems, and other power supply applications requiring highly integrated, interchangeable input and output terminals.”

Source: Transphorm

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