Toyota launches Bozhi 4X electric SUV in China, an upgraded bZ4X starting at $25K


A new electric SUV from Toyota’s joint venture, GAC-Toyota, is arriving at dealerships in China. The Bozhi 4X is an upgraded bZ4X model with starting prices of around $25,000 (179,800 yuan).

GAC-Toyota launched the electric SUV on November 17 under its sub-brand Bozhi. The 4X is the brand’s first model.

The electric SUV features a hammer shark-style front face with multi-eye LED lights. At 4,690 mm (185 inches) long, 1,860 mm (73 inches) wide, and 1,650 mm (65 inches) tall, the 4X is the exact size of Toyota’s bZ4X model. It’s also based on the same e-TNGA platform.

It will feature a 66.7 kWh ternary lithium-ion battery pack, the same as the bZ4X, offering up to 615 km (382 mi) CLTC range.

Inside, you will find a 12.3-inch navigation (depending on the trim) with included faction recognition. The 4X supports the three major platforms for connectivity in China, including Apple CarPlay, Baidu CarLife+, and HUAWEI HiCar. It’s available in three interior colors: black, gray, and red.

The electric SUV includes wireless charging (Pro version), a flexible interior for storage, and plenty of physical buttons.

Toyota Bozhi 4X electric SUV (Source: GAC-Toyota)

Toyota Bozhi 4X features and trims

Toyota and Subaru teamed up to introduce “X-MODE,” a new four-wheel drive off-road model for EVs. It helps improve grip in bad weather with smart creep mode.

Toyota’s new Bozhi 4X includes its latest safety tech, like intelligent lane tracking, predictive driving mode, and more.

Toyota Bozhi 4X electric SUV (Source: GAC-Toyota)

The electric SUV is available in four trims with up to 615 km (382 mi) range. Starting at 179,800 yuan, the 615 Air model includes an 8-inch display screen, Toyota smart cockpit, driving assist features, and connectivity.

For 199,800 yuan ($28,000), the 615 Pro offers high-grade leather seats, a heated steering wheel, heated front seats, a panoramic monitoring system, and more.

Toyota Bozhi 4X (Source: GAC-Toyota)

The highest “four-wheel drive 560Max” includes grip-controlled crawling mode, X-Mode four-wheel drive, smart wireless charging, and intelligent park assist.

Front-wheel drive versions feature a 150 kW electric motor with up to 615 km (382 mi) CLTC range, while the four-wheel drive model gets dual 80 kW motors with up to 560 km (348 mi) CLTC range.

Electrek’s Take

Toyota has struggled in China as EV sales continue rising in the region. The company has had multiple issues with its bz3 electric sedan, leading to recalls.

The automaker’s other joint venture with FAW said it was cutting production because of the “severe market environment” in China.

Market leaders like BYD and Tesla have cut prices all year, pressuring others to follow. With low-priced EVs like BYD’s Dolphin starting at $17,500, Toyota and others are having a hard time competing.

Toyota already cut prices of the bZ4X earlier this year. Maybe an “upgraded” model will help spark sales.

According to data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Toyota sold 1.26 million cars through September, down 8% YOY. BYD’s sales, on the other hand, were up 60%.

Source: CarNewsChina, GAC-Toyota

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