Toyota Land Cruiser could spawn two new EVs to rival Mercedes, Land Rover


Toyota wants to bring the Land Cruiser brand into the electric future with two new EVs. The company is reportedly gearing up to electrify the Toyota Land Cruiser with its own brand.

As Toyota’s longest-running nameplate, it only makes sense for an electric Land Cruiser. After a three-year hiatus, the 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser is returning to the US.

The new model is smaller and narrower than the previous model. It’s powered by Toyota’s i-FORCE MAX hybrid powertrain. However, this will likely be the final gas-powered version.

According to a new report from Autocar, the Toyota Land Cruiser could spawn two new EVs to expand the brand in the electric era.

One will be a range-topping luxury EV, while the other will be a more affordable, city-focused variant. The new EVs will broaden Toyota’s reach into new segments to rival brands like Mercedes and Land Rover.

Toyota’s chief branding officer, Simon Humphries, said the automaker is “exploring new approaches to mobility” that enhance the Land Cruiser brand but also “further people’s freedom in motion.”

Toyota Land Cruiser Se EV concept (Source: Toyota)

Toyota’s branding chief explained, “Our customers trust in us to keep Land Cruiser relevant and thriving toward the future.”

New Toyota Land Cruiser EVs coming

Toyota has teased two concepts that could earn a spot in the lineup. The Toyota Compact Cruiser EV, shown in 2021, shows how the “Cruiser” can adapt in an all-electric form.

The compact EV concept is designed for “young, professional urban dwellers” who are active outdoors.

Toyota Compact Cruiser EV concept (Source: Toyota UK)

Toyota’s concept pulls from the first-gen Land Cruiser with a rugged body and strong wheel arches, but it includes modern features like LED lights and added elements.

Humphries said Toyota was looking for “more affordable” Land Cruiser options as it moves toward electric.

Toyota Compact Cruiser EV concept (Source: Toyota UK)

A variation of Toyota’s e-TNGA platform, used for the bZ4X, is expected to power the compact Cruiser EV.

More recently, Toyota introduced the Land Cruiser Se concept last October. The three-row SUV concept is much larger and more luxurious than the compact cruiser.

Toyota Land Cruiser Se EV concept (Source: Toyota)

The concept offers a high-torque driving experience with a comfortable cabin on the road. A monocoque body provides responsive handling in rough terrain.

As per the report, Toyota’s Land Cruiser SE could launch in 2026 to celebrate the Land Cruiser’s 75th anniversary.

It will likely feature Toyota’s new “performance” EV batteries, which are claimed to cut costs by 20% with 20 min fast charge. Toyota also promises to release solid-state EV batteries following a breakthrough that will offer up to 621 miles range.

Electrek’s Take

Although two new Toyota Land Cruiser EVs sound like a promising idea to expand the brand, I wouldn’t get too excited.

Toyota has been teasing EV concepts and tech for years with little to no results to show. The automaker continues to stand by its hybrid tech, which could set it further behind as the industry goes all-electric.

Toyota (including Lexus) sold nearly 9.4 million vehicles globally last year. Only 1%, or about 95,000 were all-electric.

Meanwhile, most automakers are already hitting double-digit (or 100%) EV sales share by now.

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