Toshiba releases new photovoltaic photocoupler for automotive solid-state relays – Charged EVs


Toshiba has introduced a photovoltaic output photocoupler for solid-state relays for automotive equipment with improved minimum open voltage.

The new AEC-Q101-compliant TLX9910 photovoltaic coupler gates high-voltage power MOSFETs in solid-state semiconductor relays. Together with a high-voltage power MOSFET, TLX9910 can achieve high-voltage and high-current switchings that photo relays cannot, according to the company. Its main features include:

  • Open voltage of 13.5 V, 1.9 times the minimum of Toshiba’s current products.
  • Compact surface-mount 4-pin SO6 packaging (3.7 mm x 7.0 mm x 2.1 mm).
  • A photovoltaic coupler that generates electricity from LED light using photodiode arrays (PDA) to provide power, reducing the need for external power supply.

The coupler can be used for automotive equipment such as battery management systems, onboard chargers and inverters.

Source: Toshiba

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