This Chinese electric pickup is a beast, but can it keep up with Tesla’s Cybertruck?


This Chinese electric pickup is a beast, but can it keep up with Tesla’s Cybertruck?

Geely’s electric outdoor brand, Radar Auto, opened blind reservations for its new AWD version of the R6. The new electric pickup is the fastest production pickup from China, but can it keep up with the Tesla Cybertruck?

New Chinese electric pickup takes on Tesla’s Cybertruck

Radar is promoted as “China’s first pure electric outdoor lifestyle vehicle brand.” The brand launched its first vehicle, the all-electric Radar R6 pickup, in November 2022, starting at $25,000 (RMB 178,800).

The electric pickup is based on Geely’s SEA platform, the same one underpinning the Polestar 4, Volvo EM90, and ZEEKR EVs.

Radar’s R6 is offered in three battery options (63, 86, or 100 kWh) with up to 392 mi (632 km) CLTC range. Last month, Radar’s CEO Ling Shiquan confirmed it will launch a more powerful 4WD model.

Ling claimed the Chinese electric pickup would have similar acceleration to Tesla’s Cybertruck and a higher wading depth than GM’s Hummer EV, at 32″.

Radar opened blind reservations for the new 4WD R6 on Friday. Although the automaker didn’t reveal prices, it did give away a few key details.

Radar’s new 4WD R6 electric pickup (Source: Radar)

The 4WD version features up to 6,600 lbs (3,000 kg) towing, 32.1″ wading, and 4.5-second acceleration (assuming 0 to 100km/hr, or 0 to 62 mph). That would make it the fastest electric pickup in China outside the Cybertruck.

Tesla’s AWD Cybertruck includes 11,000 lbs towing, 4.1 sec 0 to 60 mph, and 340 miles range. At 5,260 mm (207″) long, the Chinese electric pickup is slightly smaller than the Cybertruck at 223.7″ long.

Meanwhile, if the claimed acceleration is true, the Radar R6 4WD will beat the RWD Cybertruck with a 0 to 60 mph sprint in 6.5 seconds.

The electric pickup has seven driving modes, including off-road options. Radar says the truck has six layers of protection, with 25% galvanized steel plate, so you can “play with confidence.”

Radar’s RWD electric pickup is on sale for between $20,200 (145,800 yuan) and $37,300 (268,800 yuan). The automaker has yet to reveal prices for the new 4WD version, but it’s expected to be slightly more.

Radar R6 electric pickup (Source: Radar)

The Radar R6 claimed over 60% of the electric truck share in China last year. As the brand expands, Geely began exporting models overseas late last year.

What do you guys think? Would you drive the Radar R6? Let us know in the comments.

Source: CarNewsChina, Radar Auto Weibo

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