These new EV charging features are coming to Google Maps


Google’s new Maps features help EV drivers find exact information about EV chargers’ locations, plan charging stops for road trips, and more.

Find the exact location of the EV charging station

Navigating to charging stations and finding exactly where the chargers are — like in a multilevel parking lot — can sometimes be more of an effort than it should be.

Google says that in “the coming months,” it will start to show AI-powered summaries in Google Maps that describe a charger’s specific location based on millions of user reviews posted daily.

Directions will get even more specific since reviews about EV chargers now prompt for additional details like what type of plug you used and how long you had to wait.

EV charging stations near me

You’ll soon see nearby EV chargers on the in-car Map, including real-time port availability and charging speed. This update will roll out globally in “the coming months,” starting with EVs with Google built in, such as those built by Volvo, Polestar, and GMC.

Plan your EV road trips with Google Maps

The most ideal EV charging stops will soon be suggested based on your charge level when you enter a multi-stop road trip on Google Maps. (There’s also a new EV charger filter on available now to find hotels that have onsite charging.)

This feature, too, will be available in, you guessed it, “coming months” for EVs with Google built-in. I’m looking forward to this rolling out for everyone, as excellent road trip navigation will go far in reducing range anxiety for new EV drivers and make road trips easier for everyone.

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