These EVs offer the longest range in 2024, all surpassing 300 miles


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Electric vehicles in the US with over 300 miles range have nearly doubled over the past two years. With over 25 models exceeding the 300-mile mark, there’s an EV for everyone. These are the EVs offering the longest range in 2024.

A record 1.2 million EVs were handed over in the US last year, representing 7.6% of auto sales in 2023. That’s up from 5.9% in 2022, according to recent data from Kelley Blue Book.

EVs are the fastest-growing auto segment and are expected to cross the 10% mark in 2024. Tesla continues to dominate the market, with 55% of the EVs sold in the US last year. However, several brands are gaining ground with new, longer-range models.

Luxury automakers like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi all saw EV sales share pick up in 2023. BMW claims last year was the “tipping point,” with EVs expected to carry the bulk of growth in the future.

Other automakers, including VW, Volvo, Hyundai, Ford, and several others, all had record years as EV demand picked up.

As the US Department of Energy recently highlighted, the longest range EV in 2023 was the Lucid Air Grand Touring with 516 miles on a single charge. Meanwhile, the median range for all EVs is quickly approaching the 300-mile mark at a new high of 270. That’s up from 234 two years ago.

2024 Lucid Air (Source: Lucid Motors)

EVs with the longest range in 2024

With over 300 miles range, an EV can easily provide enough charge for your weekly commute. And don’t forget, charging at home and waking up with 100% charge is much easier than stopping at the gas station.

Although some EVs on the list, like the range-topping Lucid Air, can be pricey, others are extremely affordable. Here are the EVs with the longest range in 2024. Vehicles with multiple wheel options include the top-ranking option.

Rank Electric Vehicle EPA est range
1 Lucid Air Grand Touring 516
2 Chevy Silverado EV 450
3 Lucid Air Sapphire 427
4 Lucid Air Touring 425
5 Lucid Air Pure 419
6 Tesla Model S 405
7 Rivian R1S Dual-Motor Max Pack 400
7 (tie) Rivian R1T Dual Motor Max Pack 400
8 Hyundai IONIQ 6 LR 361
9 Fisker Ocean Extreme 360
10 Tesla Model 3 LR 358
11 Mercedes EQS 450 Plus 352
11 (tie) Rivian R1S Dual-Motor Large Pack 352
11 (tie) Rivian R1T Dual-Motor Large Pack 352
12 Tesla Model X 348
13 Tesla Model X Plaid 333
14 VinFast VF9 Eco 330
15 BMW iX XDrive50 324
15(tie) Chevy Blazer EV 324
16 BMW i7 eDrive50 321
17 Ford F-150 Lightning ER 320
18 Polestar 2 320
19 Cadillac LYRIQ 314
19 (tie) GMC Hummer EV pickup 314
19 (tie) GMC Hummer EV SUV 314
20 Ford Mustang Mach-E California ER 312
21 Tesla Model Y LR 310
21 (tie) Kia EV6 LR 310
EVs with the longest range in 2024

As you can see, many of the models are new to the list, launching within the past year or so. Lucid dominates the list.

2024 Hyundai IONIQ 6 SE (Source: Hyundai)

Although Lucid’s prices are upwards of $80,000, other models on the list are much more affordable. For example, Hyundai’s IONIQ 6, with up to 361 miles range, has an MSRP of $38,615. Hyundai is also offering a $7,500 Retail Bonus Cash offer on all 2024 IONIQ 6 trims, bringing the price down to just over $30,000.

Meanwhile, Tesla’s new Model 3 is still available starting at $38,990 (for 272 miles range). The upgraded Model 3 Long Range starts at $45,990 with 341 miles range.

2024 Kia EV6 (Source: Kia)

Kia’s EV6 also made the list. The 2024 Kia EV6 starts at $42,600 (with 232 miles range.) The Long Range RWD version with 310 miles range starts at $45,950.

With several new models launching this year and most automakers advancing battery tech at this point, I expect to see the list grow again next year.

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