The British military just bought these off-grid solar EV chargers


The British military has placed a $1 million order for San Diego-based Beam Global’s (Nasdaq: BEEM) off-grid solar EV chargers.

The UK Ministry of Defence ordered 10 of Beam Global’s EV ARC sustainable charging systems and one ARC Mobility trailer, which it will deploy at British Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus. It’s the first big order for Beam Global’s Europe factory, but it’s already sold “hundreds” of US-manufactured off-grid solar EV chargers to the US military.

Brigadier Tom Harper, the British Strategic Command attaché to the US, said:

Beam Global’s patented solar-powered EV ARC will provide not only clean energy for British military electric vehicles in Cyprus, but the product is multi-utility and will be trialed to provide green energy and power key defense equipment in remote locations and overseas areas.

The patented Beam EV ARC system is a solar-powered, off-grid EV charger that is rapidly deployed with no construction, no electrical work, and no utility connection. It generates and stores its own clean electricity and powers up to six Level 2 EV chargers that can charge simultaneously. It can power up to 265 electrical miles daily and reach 12 parking spaces.

It fits in a standard parking space, is transportable, and includes an emergency power panel with 120/240V AC outlets.

The ARC Mobility Trailer is what’s used to move the EV ARCs around. The specialized trailer uses remote-controlled hydraulics that enables one person to stow, transport, place, and unstow the EV ARC systems. Here’s how it works:

The British government has set a target for all government-owned cars and vans to be EVs by 2027.

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