Tesla’s upcoming 3 new EVs raise some questions


Tesla’s upcoming 3 new EVs raise some questions

Tesla has unveiled a new slide with 3 new electric vehicles, which raises some questions about the company’s previously known upcoming lineup.

Just a few months ago, Tesla had a major product roadmap update regarding its electric vehicles.

We previously reported that Elon Musk ordered a stop of development on Tesla’s NV91 and NV92 projects, which were two new cheaper electric vehicles based on its new unboxed platform.

Tesla confirmed that only its new so-called ‘Robotaxi’, codenamed NV93, is planned on the new unboxed platform.

However, to replace NV91-92, Tesla confirmed plans to bring “new vehicles, including more affordable models, utilizing aspects of the next generation platform as well as aspects of its current platforms.”

Electrek has learned that these vehicles would be based on Model 3 and Model Y, but with fewer premium features – resulting in a cheaper price.

Now, at Tesla’s annual shareholders meeting yesterday, CEO Elon Musk unveiled this slide with Tesla EV product roadmap:

This slide has raised a few questions.

First off, people are looking at the shape of the covered vehicles and some think that the one on the bottom left points to a van based on the shape.

It’s not impossible, but I’d be careful betting on this, as these renders can be completely generic.

For example, the two other covered vehicles are the same exact image.

Electrek’s Take

My bigger question is, where is the new Roadster? Because those would logically be the NV93 Robotaxi and the two Model 3 and Model Y based vehicles.

Elon recently said that Tesla would reveal an updated version of the next-gen Roadster later this year and bring it to production next year.

I bet this is delayed again like it has been the case every year for the past 5 years.

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