Tesla unveils new Cybertruck off-roading features, Cybertent mode, and more


Tesla has unveiled a new Cybertruck software update coming to bring new off-roading features to the electric pickup truck, as well as Cybertent mode, and more.

Despite starting deliveries a few months ago, Tesla has yet to fully develop the electric pickup truck’s software, and it is still missing some important features.

It’s not uncommon for Tesla to deliver a new vehicle program with incomplete software and start to deliver more features after the deliveries.

We reported in February that Tesla released the first big software update for Cybertruck. It improved the truck’s handling, charging, and more.

Now, Tesla announced a new big software update for Cybertruck with a focus on off-road features:

Tesla is introducing two new off-roading modes geared for different terrains:

  • Overland Mode – More consistent handling & better overall traction while driving on rock, gravel, deep snow, or sand.
  • Baja Mode – Vehicle balance is improved & the vehicle handles more freely when Stability Assist is set to Minimal.

The automaker is also adding locking differentials for better off-roading capability for the dual motor version of Cybertruck:

On uneven or slippery terrain, if a wheel has limited or no traction, Cybertruck can direct that torque to the opposite wheel. In Off-Road Mode, choose from Locking Differentials options on the vehicle status area or in the Off-Road app.

The Cyberbeast, the tri-motor version, is getting a front locking differential:

Go to Off-Road Mode > Overland to enable Locking Differential feature. Cyberbeast tri motor has a virtual rear locked differential which is always working in overland mode.

Keeping with the theme of the update, off-roading, Tesla is releasing a trail assist under off-road mode.

Tesla wrote about the feature:

It’s like cruise control, but for off-roading. Trail Assist helps maintain a set cruising speed so you can focus on steering. Trail Assist works as both a hill ascent and descent control helping to keep the wheels from slipping. Off-Road Mode > Trail Assist

The automaker is also releasing a few new “on road” features.

The first one is called “slippery surface”. The automaker wrote about it in the release notes:

Better traction control on snowy, icy, wet, or slick roads to distribute traction evenly across all tires. Dynamics > Slippery Surface Dynamics > Engage Rear Locking Differential for increased traction (should be used temporarily only)

Still with on road features, Tesla says that it is also improving ride and handling with a load:

Adaptive suspension now estimates payload more accurately & automatically adjusts damping to deliver a more comfortable ride & more consistent, confident handling.

Finally, the upcoming software update also comes with the highly-anticipated “CyberTent Mode”.

We previously talked about the upcoming mode with the first review of the Cybertent.

Tesla confirms that the mode levels the suspension to automatically keeps the surface fla for the CyberTent. It also keeps the tonneau cover open to accommodate tent. Tesla added that “lights, AC amd outlets will stay on as well if enabled.”

There’s no word on the timing of the release of the update other than it is coming “soon”.

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