Tesla to unveil new Roadster this year, Elon doubles down on rockets/SpaceX collab


Tesla to unveil new Roadster this year, Elon doubles down on rockets/SpaceX collab

Elon Musk says that Tesla plans to unveil the new Roadster this year, and he is doubling down on the SpaceX collaboration to put cold air trustees on the electric supercar.

But the vehicle’s production is delayed one more time.

The new Roadster was originally unveiled during the Tesla Semi unveiling back in 2017.

The electric supercar was supposed to be Tesla’s new halo car to bring more prestige to the brand and to make it clear to the industry that if you want to build the best car in the world, it has to be electric.

It was first supposed to come in 2020, but it was, unfortunately, delayed every single year since.

Most recently, Elon Musk delayed the production to 2024.

Today, Musk announced on X that Tesla “increased the design goals for the new Tesla Roadster”:

The CEO added that it is delayed again to next year, but it should be unveiled toward the end of this year:

Production design complete and unveiled by end of the year, aiming to ship next year.

Musk responded to a few questions on X and reiterated that it is a collaboration between Tesla and SpaceX.

In the past, Musk said that the Roadster would come with a new optional “SpaceX package”, which would consist of 10 cold air trusters that would act as many rockets, helping the car accelerate and move, even possibly jump.

The CEO hinted today that this is still in the plans. He also said that Tesla is aiming for sub-1-second 0 to 60 mph acceleration but that this would be “the least interesting part” of the new Roadster.

Electrek’s Take

Call me cynical, but the only new information Elon released today is that the new Tesla Roadster is delayed by another year.

Yes, he called it “mind-blowing”. Yes, he said that you will “love it more than your house”, but he has used similar superlatives in the past.

In terms of actual new information, it’s only that Tesla changed the Roadster from its original unveiled, which was 7 years ago at this point, so I hope so, and delayed production to 2025.

We heard all of that before, so it’s hard to get too excited – even as someone who won two of them as part of Tesla’s referral program.

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