Tesla to help China power its computing expansion with Megapacks


Tesla to help China power its computing expansion with Megapacks

Tesla will help China power its ongoing major computing power expansion with Megapacks providing energy storage.

According to the Global Digital Economy Conference 2024, China currently has a combined processing power of 230 exaflops.

The country has an aggressive plan to increase that computing power to 300 exaflops by the end of next year.

That computing power requires a lot of electrical power and energy. That’s where Tesla comes in.

In a new official government release, it was revealed that Yovole Network, a Shanghai-based cloud computing data center service provider, partnered with Tesla earlier this year.

Yan Gang, technical director of Yovole Network, said that they are addressing their power needs in many different ways, including solar, hydrogen, and now Tesla Megapacks:

Our intelligent computing center employs combined cooling, heating, and power systems using hydrogen energy, photovoltaic storage, indirect evaporative cooling and liquid cooling technologies. In April, we also partnered with Tesla to apply their Megapack energy storage technology at our intelligent computing center.

Tesla Megapacks provide energy storage capacity, which enables companies to use their renewable energy generation better.

It’s unclear on what scale Yovole plans to deploy Megapacks, but it did disclose plan for 8 MWh of energy capacity earlier this year at the Lingang Youfu Cloud Industry Innovation Base Energy Storage Project (Phase I).

That would only be a couple of Megapacks, but if the project proves successful, it could be replicated.

Tesla recently disclosed that it had deployed a record amount of energy storage capacity last quarter at 9.4 GWh.

The company is even building a new Megafactory in Shanghai to build Megapacks locally.

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